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  1. So it has been awhile but I bought a Moser engineering ford 9". I will be ordering a center section. a nodular with arb as you suggested. My new question is drive shaft related. Do I order my center with 1330 or 1350 yoke? And what to I do to my Dana 300 as it has a 1310 yoke? I would like to go to stronger than 1310 and have CV at case. Thoughts?
  2. Moses, my jeep will only have 33 inch tires. My AMC20 already has yukon one piece axles. Can you Recommend a traction divice? 65-70% street driven. Tru track?
  3. So a friend of mine bought a project that someone has taken a front Dana60 and has it professionally made into the correct width to bolt in my cj7 wide track in the rear. What disadvantages or problem might I run into. High would help drive shaft angle a bunch.Your thoughts? Thanks jim
  4. Moses so I decided to go with the th400 trans. Ordered Novak adaptor and waiting for it to show up then off to rebuilders. Living near a GM hydramatic plants there's a lot great trans rebuilders. Thanks for your advice. Jim
  5. Moses, my jeep will be on and off road. Thinking automatic due left hip pain. Not having to push the clutch pedal may be a good idea.I don't plans driving highway speeds and primarily will use it offroad. Places like silver lake sand dunes and Bundy hill both in Michigan.i will be upgrading axles eventually. Correctly have an AMC 20 with one piece axles and 4:10 gears and front Dana 30 4:10 open carrier.
  6. I Believe have a AMC th400 that I could have built. Th400 are pretty strong and would only need an adaptor at my 300 case. Is the AMC version as strong as the gm version? Or is the case just different? Thanks for your response. I don't want to anything twice. Well thought plans seem to cost less..lol
  7. I have a cj7 that I am going install an AMC 360 with Howell injection, mild cam, and a little head work. My question is how well will the Borg warner t5 held up? Bad idea? Or is swapping to a np435 or nv4500 mandatory?
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