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  1. New cad installed Tc does shift better but 4wd light on. Vacuum only on yello hose. Not black no matter what I put the shifter in. Any ideas????
  2. If the CAD is stuck in 4wd (mine is) could that be why I am not finding the 2 positions?
  3. Thanks, I did but the books and see that section. Is there a different position for 2wd H and 4wd H? from N i only feel 1 position on the transfer case switch.
  4. New 1989 owner I just picked up a 89 wrangler and it looks like its going to be a project. I have some questions so I looked thru the fourm but I am not understanding this thing. 1. 4wd light is on and stuck in 4wd. Looking thru vacuum lines there is a blue line coming from transfer case forward but not hooked up. Where does that go? 2. on the transfer case i see 4l and N and 4h and 2h. fron the N position I only feel 1 gear and that keeps me in 4wd. Am I missing something? 3. what is the proper way to activate the switch between 2wd and 4wd? 4. also has a really ruff idle...... ok thats enough for now...... any help would be appreciated..... Joe
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