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  1. You bring up a good point. One which I have been thinking about. The seal wiping surface is indeed worn but not horribly so. No major gouges but a rough surface nonetheless. I have seen these axles powder coated to restore a smooth wiping surface. It seems to last for quite a while. The idea of restoring my original axle is exciting and would be very satisfying for me. But at this point I am seriously considering finding a better core to work with. My Jeep is no longer original so a replacement axle would not scar a prime piece of history. Some would say not to mess with a Spicer 25 but swap in a stronger Dana 30 or 44. Options for sure but I think a 25 in good shape should be fine. Do you have any opinions on this Moses? If you are wondering, I have a Buick 231 V6, SM420, saginaw steering, and 32/9.50-15 tires. I am changing to 4.88 gears with the axle rebuild. Ethan
  2. Thanks Moses. I will let you know how it works out. There is my rear axle to do as well. This is my busy season at work so personal fun time is at a premium. Hopefully the axles will be finished before too long.
  3. Thank you Moses for the great response to my question. I probably could have been a little clearer in the details. I was referring to the bearing cups pressed into the spherical ends of the axle housing. I am aware of the availability of reproduction knuckles. It is the axle housing I am keen to avoid replacing if possible. As a bicycle mechanic, I am familiar with using Loctite as a repair. I see Loctite retaining compound as a temporay band aid fix unless there is only very slight wear. I like the idea of hard brazing for a long term proper repair. Do you think I can machine the bearing cup seat at home after brazing or should I take it to a machine shop? This was my first time posting on a forum. I was afraid my question was too elementary for a response. Thanks again for helping a home Jeep mechanic do a better job. Ethan
  4. I am rebuilding the axles in my 1951 CJ-3A. I decided to do the front first. It is very worn and during disassembly the knuckle bearing cups just pull out. New cups are not a tight press fit. They push in pretty easily. Is it time for a replacement housing?
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