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  1. My carb is missing the tag, but has a number on the body 2731. The carb I bought has a tag of 8384. I will put the large check ball in with acc. pump. The used carb didn’t have the dashpot either. I guess I need to find one. Don’t want any backfiring. Think I would be able to find your manual @ local books a million or do I have to purchase online thru Bently Pub.?
  2. Howdy Moses, Got distracted with many other things, but I’m now back to the BBD Carb. The last time I posted, I was dealing with a jet that would not come lose. I ended up cracking the main body trying to get that jet. Spent some time checking e-bay for used carbs. Finally got one for $5.50 ($15 for shipping) $20.50 total for a filthy used carb to use the main body only. I have cleaned all pieces pretty good and reassemled. I just put the carb back on and still can’t get the jeep started. A few questions. I still have not figured out where that little o-ring seal popped off. It popped
  3. Oh, that jet is trashed now. I tried using an easy out and all it did was eat up the brass. Now the diameter is much bigger. I found a couple places to get new jets, Quadrajet & Mikes Carburators both had jets. Then the question was what size jets? They stated the size of the jet should be stamped on the jet, but I could not find it on the one I was able to take out. I did not order any until I get the old one out, which is looking doubtful. Not sure what to do now. Order the main body & jets or am I going to have to buy a new carb. One on e-bay for $165, plus 16 for shipping —
  4. I took the rest of the carb apart. Went pretty smooth except the main metering jets. First one came out OK, second one stripped all to heck. Any idea how to get it out now? The float has a small ding on the top of it, otherwise looks pretty good. Is that going to need to be replaced? The float and the bowl were actually pretty clean. I saw where you recommend Mopar rebuild kit. If not Echlin from Napa. I had already purchased a Walker kit from O’Reilly. Should I go ahead and use the Walker or is it gonna be worth returning & getting the Mopar? Thanks again for ll your help!!
  5. I have two International Loadstar 1600s (1969 & 1978). Both ran when they were parked where they are now but have not been started in 5 years. The 69 is a real cool firetruck with 30,000 miles. I’d really like to get those 2 back up and running. I work in heavily wooded mountains and would like to have the fire truck for burning my huge piles of brush. That water pump is mighty strong!!! Not to mention, I love the snub-nose “look” of those old trucks. The last time I drove one was the '78, and it SCARED the HELL out of me. I was climbing the mountain with a full tank of water & it
  6. Hey Moses, Thanks for all the info. I have been reading a lot of your articles, but being an idiot when it comes to mechanics, a lot of it went way over my head and looked German to me. I continue reading, hoping some of the gaps will be filled in later. The only way I am going to learn is reading & getting in there and take some things apart and put them back together. Been too busy during the day to take the rest of the carb off, but reading at night. Hoping to take the rest of carb off tomorrow. I want to take it apart so I can dissect it & understand better. I can tell ya
  7. The 83 Scrambler is gettng fuel to the carb. — I replaced the fuel pump & filter and still nothing. I have poured a little fuel in the carb and it starts right up but as soon as fuel is gone it dies. Since it was sitting for a while I put HEAT in the gas tank and added 5 gallons of fresh 93 oct. non-ethanol gas. Hopefully I can get back to it this weekend, if the weather will cooperate. Thanks for any & all help
  8. Let me start off by saying I am a complete novice when it comes to mechanics. I figured the best way to learn is to jump in and start trying myself. My Jeep was running great the last time it was driven, but it has sat for about a year and now will not start. Not getting fuel, I read online about a quick fix for idle problems by clearing the venturi tubes. While following the directions, I took off the air horn to get to the venturi cluster. I was holding the air horn in one hand and looking at another part in the other hand, an O-ring gasket (approximately 1/4 inch) popped off the air hor
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