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  1. From your list of improvements, it sounds like everything except the frame should be replaced, and maybe the frame should be, too. By the time you've done all that and made the components work with each other, it might be easier to take a chassis that already works and try to make it fit the body. Either way, maybe it's more trouble than it's worth. Still, I might be inclined to try one or the other, especially if I can follow a plan that has already worked, so I can just do the fabrication without having to do the design, too. The devil is always in the details. I've seen too many project
  2. I suppose I could write to the Underground, or Chrysler public relations, and find out if the wagon is scheduled to appear in any shows this summer. I'm only about an hour from Detroit. The '64 is too good to use as the basis for a project, but I have 3 other wagons from the '50's with restorable bodies. I'm not sure what years the titles call them. By the time they get to this age, they're usually a mixture of parts, anyway. Even the '64 has a 2-piece windshield, for example. If I use an old-school chassis, I had considered the IH Scout. The wheelbase is 4" too short, but I have several Sco
  3. Changing the body mount brackets is a given in any chassis swap, but I was hoping to not have to change too much else. I've seen too many swaps that were "easy". "All we had to do was move the engine, firewall, front and rear suspension, design a new steering linkage, cut the floor out and use a 6" body lift." The whole point of using a complete chassis is that all the expensive and frustrating design work has already been done and all the components fit the frame and each other. If I change a lot of things, I no longer have that, and I might as well try to make all the components fit m
  4. Do you have contact information for the Mopar Underground? I'm specifically interested in their Willys wagon on a YJ chassis project. I have a stock '64 wagon daily driver. For years I've thought about building a modernized but still original-looking version so I could keep up with freeway traffic. By the time I count up all the improvements that should be done, it seems like it might be less trouble to use a complete chassis where all the parts already work with each other. I've looked at Wagoneer, Scout, S-10 and even full-size pickup conversions. They all look great until you get into
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