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  1. Hi, Moses. Right now I have decided to go w/ power steering & am searching salvage yards online to find a steering column, power steering pump bracket & power steering box for the 1210. I saw your article here on the Saginaw rotary valve integral steering gear box (great article, by the way), so I am looking to get one & rebuild it (as it probably will...) From what i understand, the manual steering gear steering column/ shaft is not compatible w/ the power steering gearbox? Is this correct? This truck also has a Dana 44 front axle w/ open knuckles & drum brakes. I would like to change it over to front disc brakes, however I'm still trying to figure out if 3/4 ton Chevy Dana 44 disc brake open knuckle front axle parts will swap over? From what I understand, the '73 Dana 44 model year axle was when they switched over to a new design w/ heavier U joints & spindles than the earlier 44's ('68-'72); and that they used the improved design from '73 up until 1979 in the Chevy 3/4 ton trucks? Would that be the same axle as my open knuckle '73 Dana 44 axle on my 1210? Thanx, J.D.
  2. Hi all. I have an 1973 I.H. 1210 4wd that has excessive play in the manual steering gearbox. I can find almost no info. on the net regarding this gearbox so far. Does anyone know what manual steering gearbox was used in this model? I spoke to Redhead gears on the phone, they seem to think it would be a Gemmer, but they're not sure unless they are looking at it. I cant find any identifying marks on it (steering box), as it's pretty rusty & hard to see down in there, even w/ a bright light. Is there an adjustment procedure that can take some of the slop out of it? Slop is about 40 degrees out of 360 degrees. From what I understand, over 20 degrees is abnormal...? It's a pretty pricey rebuild, so I was wondering about converting to power steering as it seems the gearboxes are available for that application. Anyone know if I.H. used the same steering column on P.S. as they did manual steering systems on the 1210's? Thanks in advance, J.D.
  3. It has the 4 speed, which I believe is a Muncie? SM 432, is that right? I'll have to look that up. 10 spline NP205 transfer case; when I first got the truck I thought it would have a closed knockle Dana 44; surprise, surprise; open knuckle HD version w/ drum brakes...Aparently 73 is the only year that International did this... So I believe a disc brake conversion would not be too difficult. I'll have to check the castor on the axle; if it's 0 degrees (like a scout), a cut & turn will be necessary for the lift. I have read that the 10 spline output shaft on the NP205 can be swapped for a 32 spline, much tougher... I am almost wondering if I should consider restoring the 1210; although the bed is pretty much trash & there is no tailgate; I could always build a flatbed on the back...This truck has very low miles on it; it's just that the bed is beyond restoration; basically hammered. But it does run like a top, 345 v8. Slight ransfer case leak & terrible oil pan gasket leak. What to do w/ the CJ? It has a Borg warner 4 speed in it; Dana 44 rear, dana 30 front axle & dana 20 transfer case. Some PO put a Rancho 2.5" lift under it; other than that it's pretty much stock. Has the original hardtop. 252 6 cylinder engine. 106,000 original miles. Has a roll cage; either aftermarket installed by a PO, or it's Jeep- same color as the body, but the body has been repainted. The tub under the floor mats, rockers & corners are rust out. Everything seems to work, but it has a bad engine main seal leak & some carb issues, which I believe are due to old gas/ ethanol... Dana 60 front & 14 bolt rear would be nice w/ maybe a v8 conversion? lift, crossover steering? Decisions, decisions...
  4. Hi, all. My CJ5 has rot issues; at one point I was thinking of doing a classic resto; but due to the extent of the rot I have decided to turn it into a rock crawler... I have out in the back pasture a 73' IH 1210 3/4 ton 4x4, w/ good axles; 4.56 gearing... Front axle on the IH is a Dana 44 HD w/ open knuckles & drum brakes. Rear is a D60. The CJ has a front Dana 30 & rear Dana 44. One reason I want the full size axles under theCJ is to maintain decent center of balance/ gravity for the lift it's going to need w/ the larger tires & wheels I want to run. Besides relocating & welding in different spring perches/ SOA & a cut & turn; what else do you all think would be needed for this IH D44 front axle to work under my CJ? The steering would be aftermarket crossover. I suppose I could get my hands on a dana 60 front axle out of a chevy 1 ton; along w/ the GM14 bolt rear; I know where a an 85' K30 parts truck sits; but it has high miles on it, & would cost me $1400; & besides already owning these IH parts, they all have very low miles on them...Any ideas or suggestions? Any advice or comments would probably be helpful, thanks in advance, J.D.
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