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  1. Hi, Moses. Right now I have decided to go w/ power steering & am searching salvage yards online to find a steering column, power steering pump bracket & power steering box for the 1210. I saw your article here on the Saginaw rotary valve integral steering gear box (great article, by the way), so I am looking to get one & rebuild it (as it probably will...) From what i understand, the manual steering gear steering column/ shaft is not compatible w/ the power steering gearbox? Is this correct? This truck also has a Dana 44 front axle w/ open knuckles & drum brakes. I
  2. Hi all. I have an 1973 I.H. 1210 4wd that has excessive play in the manual steering gearbox. I can find almost no info. on the net regarding this gearbox so far. Does anyone know what manual steering gearbox was used in this model? I spoke to Redhead gears on the phone, they seem to think it would be a Gemmer, but they're not sure unless they are looking at it. I cant find any identifying marks on it (steering box), as it's pretty rusty & hard to see down in there, even w/ a bright light. Is there an adjustment procedure that can take some of the slop out of it? Slop is a
  3. It has the 4 speed, which I believe is a Muncie? SM 432, is that right? I'll have to look that up. 10 spline NP205 transfer case; when I first got the truck I thought it would have a closed knockle Dana 44; surprise, surprise; open knuckle HD version w/ drum brakes...Aparently 73 is the only year that International did this... So I believe a disc brake conversion would not be too difficult. I'll have to check the castor on the axle; if it's 0 degrees (like a scout), a cut & turn will be necessary for the lift. I have read that the 10 spline output shaft on the NP205 can be swapped for
  4. Hi, all. My CJ5 has rot issues; at one point I was thinking of doing a classic resto; but due to the extent of the rot I have decided to turn it into a rock crawler... I have out in the back pasture a 73' IH 1210 3/4 ton 4x4, w/ good axles; 4.56 gearing... Front axle on the IH is a Dana 44 HD w/ open knuckles & drum brakes. Rear is a D60. The CJ has a front Dana 30 & rear Dana 44. One reason I want the full size axles under theCJ is to maintain decent center of balance/ gravity for the lift it's going to need w/ the larger tires & wheels I want to run. Besides relocating &am
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