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  1. Thank you so much for the detailed info Moses. The detail in your reply is so very appreciated. You my friend are such a wealth of information and professionalism. Now, on to complete the oil filtration system on the Willys as I now know better what I need to do and look for to accomplish my objective. Sometimes when dealing with vintage components it's hard to find enough detail to make a proper repair or functional recreation of certain parts. Thanks again!
  2. I am replacing the Oil filter assembly with a new OMIX-ADA unit, but I need to locate the NPT to flared fittings that go on the oil filter reservoir and appropriate locations on the timing cover and block for the supply and return lines. Do you happen to know what size these may be and what the flare type is? I have some reference material but the original Willys part number is of no use it seems at the local parts house (NAPA). I have crudely circled the points I am inquiring about in the image.
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