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  1. I have a passion for old stake bed trucks and Jeep FSJ trucks. I just stumbled across a 1963 Jeep Gladiator stake bed truck for sale. I've been catching myself daydreaming about doing a restoration on such a truck both as a show piece (or as close to a show piece as a working truck can be, "parade vehicle" at its best might be a better label) as well as something to use for moving firewood and whatever else I come across that I need to haul. Here is a photo of the truck: I already have my hands full with earlier Jeep projects. Long story short, I guess as much as I want this Gladiator, it may not be practical. Maybe if it was a dually I could make an exception! Just to satisfy my curiosity though, do you know how rare these were? I know that the 1963 MY was the first for these trucks, so if this is truly a 1st year factory stake bed all original pickup, is it a hard to find pieces or were there more made than I realize? As much as I love FSJ trucks, I still have a lot to learn about their history. Bill
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