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  1. I appreciate the information, I have been contemplating a small block ford swap (purely political) as well and I would actually prefer to go V8. The 4.2L w/AX-15 came about when a friend located the 4.2L AX-15 combo and knew I was considering some kind of drivetrain upgrade when my AX-5 went out on me. I'm in the position now that I can either repair the AX-5 I have, replace it with a new "5", swap the AX-5 for an AX-15, my preferred route, or go all in and do the V8 swap. I have the 2.5L and going back to the "5" doesn't set well when I know the "15" would be so much better.
  2. I have a 95 Wrangler with the 2.5L AX-5 combination. I have the opportunity to replace this combo with the 4.2L AX-15. Other then the engine and transmission swap are there any hidden changes that will have to be made for this swap to work?
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