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  1. I've owned a 2004 TJ Wrangler Sport for a couple of years now and it has been stalling in 2nd gear the last few weeks. I gave the car to Berwick jeep service centre and all they tell me is that their computer doesn't show them what's causing it and that there is no problem. Has anyone had this issue? i know its not my driving!!!
  2. Hey all. I've been thinking of plasti dipping my wranglers wheels for a bit of a change, however not sure if its a good idea or not. My partner and i have done it on our previous smaller sports car but it never went through the rough and tumble the 4x4 goes through. Has anyone done it? how many cans did you go through? and did you get many chips on the paint?
  3. Hi Sorry about that, im new to forums so still getting the hang of it. I have a 2004 TJ Wrangler Sport
  4. Hey All! My partner and i are considering doing a soft to hard top conversion. Just wanting to know if its worth the cost as my local jeep dealer where i get it serviced said it might be a bit pricy.. Has anyone done it?
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