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  1. Hi Moses, thanks for responding. I did a basic compression test and found all 4 cylinders to be right around 120 psi. One thing I noticed is that when I first start the jeep up with a cold motor, I can give it plenty of throttle and it won't start backfiring for approximately 45-60 seconds. After that, it starts to pop under throttle and gets progressively worse as it warms. There is also no lifter noise when first starting it up, but after a couple of minutes when given throttle there is definitely some kind of rattle. I can manually compress the EGR valve while its running and the idle drop
  2. Hi, I have a '89 Wrangler with the 2.5l. It pops/backfires back up through the intake whenever I give it throttle. There are no vacuum leaks. I have replaced every sensor. I have swapped out the PCM, no change. I have checked fuel pressure, 15 psi. At this point I found excessive play in the distributor when rotating the crank, so I pulled the timing cover and found the chain to be stretched, and the cam sprocket and crank sprocket timing marks were mis-aligned. Aha! I said, and replaced the timing set- I set the crank to #1 TDC on compression, rotated the cam forward so that the marks would l
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