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  1. Hi Moses. I'm in Las Vegas for this week and I had an afternoon to kill. So I stopped by the pick a part on the north side of vegas Being from Detroit I was amazed at the lack of rust on these desert vehicles! I found 2 FSJ's there that were pretty rough and I also witnessed them putting a fresh Wagoneer in. It had been a runner - appeared to get hit hard in the left rear. I noticed the owner had put a carter afb on it with an aluminum intake, new 32" off road tires and other maintance items. So If any of your readers are in the LV area they can check it out. Jan 30th 15.
  2. Wow Moses. Thanks for the in depth answer. I have a FC170 that I am restoring, and Im trying to keep it correct in outward appearance with some upgrades to the driveline. when I got the truck it did not have any driveline. So I have installed a AMC 360 and th400/dana 20. One mistake was that the amc engine's oil pump sits directly over the front axle differential. So I had to raise the Jeep for clearance. If I do it over again, Ill install a 4.6L inline 6 for clearance. One drawback to the truck is the ride - - on rough roads or concrete freeways it rides like the proverbial lumber wagon. Poss
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