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  1. Moses, All my thanks to you... and the advices do appreciates. ill keep in touch, The kilometer reading is 114,000 Km in my Jeep. Mario
  2. Moses Thank you for the highlights regarding the AX-15 yes , your right if theres nothing i can do ill move to that conversion Ax-15, actually , what happened is im preparing if my 42Re will give up as here in our place in the south of the philippines theres no service center for this Trans, there are shops that work on the trans but more in the japanese models. also i ahve a problem in my 42 RE as it was converted From EFi to carburator. after a year of run good , i have this problem hope you can give some inputs , first start about 2 min, when i engage in drive the GC is hesitant to move bu
  3. Moses, thank you for the advice , if i find one Xj Ax 15 trans, will my existng T case will fit , my trans is 42RE quadra trac Tcase NG 249 its a grand cherokee limited 1994 242 4.0 , is there any wiring harness for this, i see in youtube the trans swap and they have this neutral switch, correct me please if im wrong whats the purpose of this, also if i convert my tranny can i still use my AWD Hi and Low seating. ? thnak you again, Mario Bedayo Philippines
  4. Hi! Moses, how are you? can i ask your advice regarding the tranny swap for my 242 1994 grand cherokee limited awd. i want the manual 5 speed , can do that ? can you please guide me what to do and the parts that in going to buy either a serviceable one , i know i can get it in ebay. my 42RE is going to end and theres no good repair shop here for the tranny 42 RE and it will cost me a big amount . Thank you. Mario Bedayo Philippines
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