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  1. Shane...i purchased a xj brake and clutch pedal assembly from a junkyard. then i remove the zj brake and mounted the xj pedals. i use the holes which are already in the firewall, this is the brake hole for the brake rod and the hole for the clutch rod, which is near to the brake vacuum booster. i also purchase a new clutch master cylinder and the slave for jeep zj from rock auto. new clutch pressure plate assembly, old flywheel from the ax15 trans and had it resurfaced. i used the old trans support from the xj adopted to zj cross member but i drilled new holes to fit. i modified the driveshafts by removing about an inch in the rear and adding 1 inch in the front drive shaft...this is all i do. my zj runs good but i don't have a tach and speedo. ill try to use the aftermarket. my zj grand cherokee is converted from FI to carburetor. this is what i can share. Mario Bedayo 1994 Jeep zj 4.0 converted to carburetion and an AX15 manual transmission Philippines
  2. Hello Moses, well I think ill stick in your advices .... Thanks an take care Sir. Regards, Mario Bedayo philippines
  3. HI! Moses How are you? May i ask you if i can convert my cv front axle to u joints 1994 grand cherokee 4.0 formerly with auto trans 42 Re to ax 15 and what will be your recomendation for the swap. please advice thanks. Regards, Mario Philippines
  4. hi! Moses , How are you? everything is done with your advice in my jeep. its running ok with the AX15 i just need some connection for the brade and back up light, and no problem with that. Iam very thankful for all your help with me in the swap.Thank you very very much.Hoping your New year will be prosperous.again Thanks ill just keep in touch. My best, Mario Bedayo Philippines.
  5. Hi! Moses , This is just to fllow up or to let you know that the ax15 transmission that i swap has the transfer case attach. we did not remove the transfer case np 231. so i think theres no issue about this.. what do you think? we just have the front drive shaft lenghten. so i think theres no bottoning here what can you say. its just a cluch problem and we ran out of ideas but we will not give up, i believe theres always a solution you... the Guru of Jeep. Thanks.. Mario Bedayo
  6. Hello Mose, Agin ill be asking you regarding the pilot bushing that will i use in my convertion, when the mechanic remover the 42 Re he didi not change the pilot bushing or the bearing and he just install the flywhell, the clutch disc, the pressure plate,of the ax 15 from a donor 1993 xy 4.0, we just change a new hydraulic release bearing, and fit it. we cut the drive shaft 2' from the rear and add 2' to front .as per mechanic advice . so the trans mission fits with no obstacle. we bleed the line , and then what happens it will not shift from neutral fo first.. the mechanic told me that our clutch release bearing moves a liilttle and the pedal is floored already. i dont whats happening here... do i have to change the pilot bushing? as we did not change it. its still the old bushing in the crakshsft. the size of the output shsft is ..750 please help me with this. . i want my zj can run so that i will enjoy drivng it with ax 15. trans. Thanks. Mario Bedayo Philippines.
  7. Hi! Moses , Thanks for the advice im looking for AX15 bell housing so that it will fit my requirement . Much thanks, Mario Bedayo
  8. Hi ! Moses , How are you? i have found a low price bell housing but its AX5 2.5 93-2002 wrangler YJ/ TJ is it O K to use this , or may iknow if i can use this bell housing for my converstion . please advice is the bearing retainer for ax 15 will fit as im still looking. Thanks. Regards Mario Bedayo.
  9. HI! Moses , We will check on that, im planning to change it later to your recommendation using the external slave but it will cost me an additional amount . what do you suggest i like this jeep as i know there's only one jeep... can use the ax 15 bell housing with external slave us by dodge dakota , how about 94-2004 wrangler 4.0 external slave bell housing i understand i will change the the input shaft external bearing retainer? i see in the ebay for sale . do you know where i can buy in cheaper price this parts second hand so that i can save? Again Thank you for your time. Sorry that i bothered you a Lot. Mario Bedayo Philippines.
  10. HI! Moses, How are you? i ask this question again as we followed your advice regrading with the internal release bearing the mechanic told me that the bearing cannot fully press the plate, may i know whats the reason and the remedy for this we bleed the line fluid is solid that come out from the bleeder line , we ran out of ways its you that can help us. please advice us what to do. My thanks to you. Regards, Mario Bedayo Philippines.
  11. Moses , ill check on that, how abut the plastic that holds the release bearing, i see 2 palstic strap that hold the release bear are we going to cut that pastic which look like a ty wrap., please advice Thanks. Mario Bedayo
  12. HI! Moses, Im here again to ask you about my problem with my ax 15 swap, we change the transmission 42 RE to ax 15 , now we have this problem me and the mechanic cannot solve this problem , when he push the clutch pedal engine at idle trans will not engage to 1st gear . we shut off the engine engage 1st gear car on jack it engages wheel turning clutch pedal is depress wheel continue turning shift to neutral it will not disengage very hard., as if the clutch press is not moving. i read to some forums on the jeep who converted 42RE to ax 15 they advice to machine the ax 15 output shaft about 3/4 of an inch. im using the internal release bearing as i dont have the external type that needs to change the bell housing. what will i do first is to use this internal release bearing for the car to run and later if i have money ill buy the external with a bellhousing for this external slave cylinder., what will be your advice about this trouble that we are encountering please Help us.do i need to cut out 3/4 in the output shaft. Thank you. Mario Bedayo
  13. Hi! Moses , How are you sir? i think my pinion gear is 3.73 as in the diff. the number is 52068144 dana 35 , you advice me if im goin to change the pinion gear using 31 tires i will use the 4.10 pinion gears , where can i secure this gears and the part numbers Thank you. Regards , Mario Bedayo Philippines
  14. HI! Moses, I will do that ... Much thanks. Mario Bedayo Philippines
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