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  1. Moses I just got back my Tracker (7 months in the shop).The TCC solenoid and TCC relay were changed.the it was sent to the tranny shop to pull the transmission ( twice) and the Torque converter was changed.Cleared the TCC code and passed inspection.I drove the car home(@ 50 miles) turned on my block and the check engine light came back on.I plugged in my computer and the same TCC failure code is now back on... Richie
  2. Moses Thank you for your all of your information.I will follow your advice and let you know how I make out. Richie
  3. I have a 1997 Geo Tracker 4x4 and have changed the TCC Solenoid and the TCC Relay. We clear the code and drive the car and the code comes right back on. I am trying to get the car inspected. Does anyone have any ideas?
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