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  1. Thank you Mr Ludel for the information! I was able to ascertain that the input shafts are of different lengths on the two transfer cases mine being shorter 1.2 versus 1.7 on my colleagues. So I will change my course of action! If I may ask you about my other concern is the leaking of the 32RH Transmission! I found the output shaft seal from the information you provided, however, from several sources (Teraflex and other vendors) they refer To an Extended Output shaft seal ! One source indicated that the OE output shaft seal will NOT seal properly and an EXTENDED seal was utilized by havin
  2. Dear Mr Ludel, I took your advice and purchased a 2000 Wrangler TJ Sport! It has a 4.0 liter (based on your advice) 4" Pro Comp Lift and a 32RH Automatic (VIN CHECK @ Dealer to confirm tranny) stock Dana axles, 35 rear, 30 front, 231j Transfer case; I have No (SYE) Slip Yoke Eliminator installed in the transfer case and want to resolve this issue! Scenario: buddy has a 2000 Sahara 231j serial #6-16-00 which reflects the manufacture date. My manufacture date was Jan 24 -2000 He has it bolted to a NV3550 (he is willing to sell me the t-Case with the Cardan drive shaft (CV ) and it includes
  3. Im not sure I posted in the correct area? So here again check the steering column "known problem with shaft losing the grease" and GM also noted a replacement moly chromed output yoke shaft! Hope this helps! I found it on the Internet over a year ago when i was considering buying an Avalanche 2500! Hope this helps I never bought the truck so I dropped the search!
  4. Hi! I'll be brief...Came upon the same issues about a year ago! Was buying an Avalanche 2500, Pump rub discovered, then noticed a clunk in the automatic tranny when accelerating from a stop! One problem discussed was/is the steering column shaft the splines were somehow dried out found many solutions from greasing to replacing with a heavier duty splined shaft sold by GM! The other solution GM recommended was a chromed moly output shaft on tranny! I never bought the truck, so I didn't pursue the solutions!
  5. Hibiggman 100 Recently, we recommended a Nissan Pathfinder 2013 for my daughter. She wanted and needed the utility of an AWD vehicle, as we live in Colorado! We loved the new design (crossover) the CVT - Constant Velocity Transmission, room for 7 passengers, v-6 engine and the real world gas economy of 22 highway / gal. Well, there is now a recall on the brakes, there are reported incidents of shuddering and stalling which may be linked to the transmission. (Nissan is working on a solution.) Of course this problem has afflicted my daughter's car. I should have worked harder at helping her ge
  6. Thank You, Sir! Excellent write-up! I'm a retired Teacher and I can say this article was A+! Your extensive explanation will be my guideline for my Jeep purchase! I will even share this with my friends and family who are interested in purchasing a Jeep like this model! Superb detail and objectivity! This is by far the best coverage in any forum I have visited for various topics and vehicles! The Old Dog (me) is still learning new tricks! Papa (obewon)
  7. After watching your videos I decided to look at a 1998 Jeep TJ Wrangler. My concern since i have no knowledge of the vehicle is how to scrutinize and assure it is a sound vehicle. Background on the vehicle: 1) The Jeep has a new 2.5 4-cylinder in it, not sure what that means, whether a rebuild or remanufactured? 2) Has 138,000 miles, 5 speed manual no mention in ad of new transmission parts. 3) 1998 black Jeep Wrangler TJ 2.5 with a 5 speed manual with 3,000 miles on the new motor. New motor put in over the summer (has receipts). 4) 4-inch suspension lift, 1.25 inch JKS body lift+
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