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  1. Thank you Mr Ludel for the information! I was able to ascertain that the input shafts are of different lengths on the two transfer cases mine being shorter 1.2 versus 1.7 on my colleagues. So I will change my course of action! If I may ask you about my other concern is the leaking of the 32RH Transmission! I found the output shaft seal from the information you provided, however, from several sources (Teraflex and other vendors) they refer To an Extended Output shaft seal ! One source indicated that the OE output shaft seal will NOT seal properly and an EXTENDED seal was utilized by having one machined! 1. How common is this as a solution? 2. Can you make one based on my OE transfer case by catalog? VIN? Yor ?.. is this a hands-on task where it has to be measured? Again , Thank You! If I can order it from your shop that is what would be my preference!
  2. Dear Mr Ludel, I took your advice and purchased a 2000 Wrangler TJ Sport! It has a 4.0 liter (based on your advice) 4" Pro Comp Lift and a 32RH Automatic (VIN CHECK @ Dealer to confirm tranny) stock Dana axles, 35 rear, 30 front, 231j Transfer case; I have No (SYE) Slip Yoke Eliminator installed in the transfer case and want to resolve this issue! Scenario: buddy has a 2000 Sahara 231j serial #6-16-00 which reflects the manufacture date. My manufacture date was Jan 24 -2000 He has it bolted to a NV3550 (he is willing to sell me the t-Case with the Cardan drive shaft (CV ) and it includes the SYE , we believe but can not confirm that it is an (AA) Advance Adapter kit? I need your advice as I am getting conflicting answers! My Question: Are the Sahara 231j and My Sport 231j input shafts the same length? I realize the spline count is 23 for both and my hypothesis is that the extension bolted on the rear of my 32RH may impact the Transfer case Input shaft length!! Our two local 4x4 shops disagree and have conflicting answers, stated below! Shop A states that both input shafts of the T-Case are exact and that all I need is an AUTOMATIC SEAL EXTENSION that slides over thr Transfer Case shaft to prevent leakage ( currently my 32RH is leaking heavily)! Shop B - states that input shafts are diiferent lengths and need to be exchanged! ( my Sport input shaft into the SYE Sahara T-Case) I was told by a local transmission shop that the input shaft was a singular piece ! So my quandry! Also, I bought an output transmission seal National #710058 but now realize this is NOT an extension seal ! Seal question: is an extension seal also called a Redi-seal? I also bought a National 3173 T-Case input shaft seal but realize it is not the correct seal ! ( dealer # 5019020AB) going back today! Help me Mr Ludel youre my only hope! My main concern is the Transfer Case swap! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Papa
  3. Im not sure I posted in the correct area? So here again check the steering column "known problem with shaft losing the grease" and GM also noted a replacement moly chromed output yoke shaft! Hope this helps! I found it on the Internet over a year ago when i was considering buying an Avalanche 2500! Hope this helps I never bought the truck so I dropped the search!
  4. Hi! I'll be brief...Came upon the same issues about a year ago! Was buying an Avalanche 2500, Pump rub discovered, then noticed a clunk in the automatic tranny when accelerating from a stop! One problem discussed was/is the steering column shaft the splines were somehow dried out found many solutions from greasing to replacing with a heavier duty splined shaft sold by GM! The other solution GM recommended was a chromed moly output shaft on tranny! I never bought the truck, so I didn't pursue the solutions!
  5. Hibiggman 100 Recently, we recommended a Nissan Pathfinder 2013 for my daughter. She wanted and needed the utility of an AWD vehicle, as we live in Colorado! We loved the new design (crossover) the CVT - Constant Velocity Transmission, room for 7 passengers, v-6 engine and the real world gas economy of 22 highway / gal. Well, there is now a recall on the brakes, there are reported incidents of shuddering and stalling which may be linked to the transmission. (Nissan is working on a solution.) Of course this problem has afflicted my daughter's car. I should have worked harder at helping her get another Toyota 4runner! This is as real as it gets, a new vehicle which was approximately $35k and trouble immediately. Should have been mindful to the engineer credo: avoid 1.0 versions until the bugs are worked out! BTW we drove two Subarus, an Outback and Legacy Wagon, both went 230k miles before we had an electrical issue with heater blower motors (open circuit in harness) yikes on both of them! The 87 Legacy was a 5 speed with no options, AC, etc., it delivered 30 mpg-highway. The 89 Outback fully loaded gave around 19-20 mpg - highway, auto tranny, AC, POWER EVERYTHING! Hope this provides some insight! Papaobewon
  6. Thank You, Sir! Excellent write-up! I'm a retired Teacher and I can say this article was A+! Your extensive explanation will be my guideline for my Jeep purchase! I will even share this with my friends and family who are interested in purchasing a Jeep like this model! Superb detail and objectivity! This is by far the best coverage in any forum I have visited for various topics and vehicles! The Old Dog (me) is still learning new tricks! Papa (obewon)
  7. After watching your videos I decided to look at a 1998 Jeep TJ Wrangler. My concern since i have no knowledge of the vehicle is how to scrutinize and assure it is a sound vehicle. Background on the vehicle: 1) The Jeep has a new 2.5 4-cylinder in it, not sure what that means, whether a rebuild or remanufactured? 2) Has 138,000 miles, 5 speed manual no mention in ad of new transmission parts. 3) 1998 black Jeep Wrangler TJ 2.5 with a 5 speed manual with 3,000 miles on the new motor. New motor put in over the summer (has receipts). 4) 4-inch suspension lift, 1.25 inch JKS body lift+ 1 inch motor mount lift 5) Swing out tire carrier bumper 6) Aftermarket stereo and speakers 7) Aftermarket rims and 31x 10.5 inch tires+ full size spare 8) Aftermarket adjustable track bar 9) Newer shocks and steering stabilizer 10) Aftermarket sway bar links 11) Heavy duty lower front control arms 12) Cold air intake 13) Windshield mounted fog lights 14) Bumper fog lights 15) Custom differential guard 16) Full skid plates 17) Custom lockable center console 18) Tinted turn signals and tail lights (to legal specs.) 19) New water pump, spark plugs, hoses, coolant flush and all new gaskets and seals put in with new motor 20) Hardtop with tint 21) Undercoated frame (prevents rust) 22) Clean title! 23) Paint on hood is chipping a bit but mechanically everything works great. My last question: What aftermarket products are critical to inspect for damage? I noticed a MOAB sticker on back window and I'm not very astute or have much knowledge on what to look for! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Papaobewon
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