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  1. Hi Moses, I like to use an air die grinder with a carbide tip. great for deburring,if a hole does not line up you can just clean it out a bit till it does. I also have a second die grinder with a cut off wheel. This too works great to cut, grind, you name it!
  2. I wanted a wider,stronger less over hang flare for my 86 CJ7 widetrack with 35" tires on 10" rims. I did not want a 6" or 7" flare. So I went with a 5" flat flare from Xenon.
  3. I can tell you that the Waggy Dana 44 front has a thicker wall tube then the Scout II, and the tube is thicker then a stock Rubicon Dana 44 front axle. I think the shop cut off 3 5/8" from the tube and the axle shaft. Some people out board but this does not look right to me, plus I already had a HD steering link. later I did the tie rod flip (with insert) and went back to the stock pitman arm.
  4. the only mistake I did was I had the stock shaft resplined. I should have just gotten a chromemoly shaft and outer from the start. I did later, only on that side. I used the CJ outers on my Jeep as well as the CJ rotors.
  5. last CJ7 here (Rich) I have a 1980 Scout 2 Dana 44 cut down front axle in my 86 CJ7. I have a 4" lift I had a local shop add 10 degrees to the knuckles. drives great down the road. As far as the Waggy front hubs if there is room have them redrilled. When I installed Ford 8.8 rear disc brakes I had them redrill the rotors to 5 on 5 1/2 (from 5 on 4 1/2).
  6. Ok, so this is what I found out. On top of York compressors there is an S for suction. My old York had the S on the right side, my new York has it on the left. My York stands up and on the S side I run an air filter. After switching these, my compresor works. But with no "click" like the old one when I hit the power.
  7. Hi, Moses, I had an old AMC Corcord York 210 A/C turned into onboard air for my CJ-7 Jeep. The air supply worked great for years. I thought I killed it, so I swapped it out. I think I let the oil run dry on the old one, and it was running even with the power cut. Now I don't hear the clutch kick in when I add power to it. How do I know if this clutch is good? I hope this one is good. I added oil and it turns and makes a pumping sound.
  8. When I could only get one of the bleeders out, I got a new caliper from Auto Zone. I should have gotten two but I wanted to see how the brakes were gonna work, and I should have gotten new pads. I will more than likely do both down the run. I'm wiping the rotors off with the old pads, LOL. As for the E-brake cables I cut some of the spring on the CJ cables and just wrapped it over the lever for now with zip ties I'm going to Home Depot to get the cable clamps/saddles. What do they say, "Never saddle a dead horse." LOL I Also keep forgetting to say that I use your Jeep CJ Rebuilder's manual for tips and insight. I will try to take more pictures soon!
  9. Great so I'm okay to run as is. One more note that I found out by reseach is that rear disc brakes shine when you are backing up or down a hill. Thanks
  10. Hi Moses, I used a '96 Ford Explorer 8.8". Not sure of master cylinder bore sizes...So a TJ Wrangler has disc/drums and a Rubicon TJ or LJ has Disc/Disc. Different masters?
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