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  1. Does it matter that this is a chief? The relay where the ballast resistor is supposed to be does not match any wire colors on my wiring diagram, the relay coil is black and orange the contacts are red and red with a black stripe? Also after I installed the ECU and with the ignition switch off the left turn signal was on and the column sig switch was off so I pulled the signal timer then this morning when I went out to try and trouble shoot I pluged timer back in and it was not on anymore the turn should not come on with ign switch off, correct?. Thinking more about ign switch!



  2. Help again, the jeep ran fine for about five hours then just did not want to start. Put on the fuel pressure gauge no pressure had a new fuel pump in garage put that on but before I did that checked voltage to pump was 5vdc, installed pump anyway thinking it was the pump relay. Got a new one and installed that,didn't work either so I started checking voltages at relay using a wiring diagram I got from ondemand5direct.com. And to make a long story short I have only 2vdc across the coil on relay and when I go from ground on diagnostic connection to coil terms I get 12vdc to both sides which really has me baffled. Could it be the ign control mod/coil?

  3. UPDATE! The jeep is back to its same old reliable self. When I installed the last crank sensor I thought I would be smart and tie wraped the excess cable to the fuel line to keep it away from the exhaust pipe, we'll it was too tight and as it curved over the top of the bell housing the movement of the vehicle going down the road caused it to rub a hole in cable exposing the wire to short out intermittently. Thanks so much for you're input!

  4. I was looking at the Haynes manual for checking the cps and it said to put an ohm meter on the sensor and " it should read no restiance ( open). We'll I work on commercial and industrial boilers and I know that no restiance is closed! My meter reads 0 which means its a closed circuit. Is this thing a proximity switch? What should it read, infinity or zero?

  5. I had replaced the crank sensor a few years back because it would run fine for awhile then would not start at all. The mileage is high at 227,212 miles. I checked the fuel pressure at 32 psig but did not check capacity. Replaced plugs,dist cap and rotor as well as the wires, just replaced coil when I was trying to trouble shoot the crank sensor.have not replaced alternator could this be problem?

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