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  1. Jeep Liberty 3.7L 4x4 - 42RLE Hi everyone, I've read through many posts regarding KJ driveline issues but could not find one that matched my symptoms. Bought the KJ at a city auction so I dont have any history of how it was driven or repairs done prior. While driving it home the rear axle was whining for cheese and after all said and done the rear pionion bearing race was bad (missing 1" of chorme plating) and someone (other than me) had worked on the differential along with assembling it incorrectly. Final tally for rear axle - new locker differential (old diff case was badly scarred, broken axle gear teeth, worm gear seats worn), new bearings throughout, shimmed pinion so now drive and coast patterns are good (other mechanic did not install any shims). set clearances and torques, all better now. The problem i am really trying to fix is the binding in reverse. This I discovered while first trying to get the Jeep to move. - the car acts normal in drive (2wd) but has the whirring/grind noise (like parking pawl is just barely engaged) when in reverse the car will move normal but for only 1ft, after that the whirring/grind noise (like parking pawl is just barely engaged) then the transmission binds up similar to applying the brakes, when this happens i have to raise engine rpms above 1300rpm to get it moving again. As soon as I let off the gas the car stops like I applied the brakes. I was hoping the rear axle repairs would resolve this but it has not made a difference. video for your viewing pleasure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkFZb2AJEU8&feature=youtu.be 2004 Jeep LIberty NP231 Noise - YouTube I was thinking its something in the transfer case but after removing t-case and while it's laying on the ground the symptoms have not dimished nor changed.. still binding. I am certain it's in the transmission but am hoping someone can shed some light as to what might be happening. Any and all help is appreciated.
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