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  1. Hi I'm new here and I hope I'm posting in the right place. I have read numerous forums looking for answers with no avail. But here is my story...I have a 92 yj 2.5l recently purchased. First week I installed new fuel filter, plugs, wires and valve cover. Had new cat and muffler. It sat for a couple years before I got it with 1/4 tank fuel. I filled it up and drove it about 300 miles with no problems. It started to sputter and lose power as it got low on fuel so I filled it up again with some good fuel and some fuel system treatment. It ran good after that no sputtering or loss of power. Recently I took it out and went off road it ran great. Took it to store shortly after and made uturn and it sputtered and loss of power returned. Gets worse on demand. Shut it off and start back up and runs good for a mile or so then starts bogging and losing power until I shut off and restart. I replaced fuel pump and drove home, ran great no issues. Later that day I drove to dinner 2 miles away and stopped at store, left running, went to leave store and it started sputtering and was now losing power worse than before almost to a stall, more I push accel more it would bog down almost to seem as if it was stalling out. I would cycle key off and back on and it would run for a mile or less and start losing power again. Today I replaced, tps, o2, cat and rotor, fuel filter, and cleaned intake with sea foam. Once hot it still had same symptoms but now even worse. All help is greatly appreciated.
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