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  1. I just read over this thread and realized I never documented what brought it to closure. I found a Dana 300 at a junkyard. It was from a 1984 CJ-7 that was in a traffic accident. So many of the transfer cases I looked at on line were stand alone so it would go to reason that they were for sale because they had been replaced. I could only hope the replacement was for an upgrade and not due to damage. When I found the one in the junkyard, they told me it had been there for years and no one had ever asked for one. They are a reputable yard so I purchased it. The install was a piece of cake. O
  2. I just looked through your photo’s that you posted on this. I thought the Jeep was really nice to start with. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you are done. The idea of buying a Jeep with the initial intention of restoring is really neat. I have wanted to overhaul mine for years, but I have never had the money and do not want to be without it for that long. I like your approach. It is great that your kids come out to help. My son comes out to help me from time to time. It seems that I am always working on my Jeep for something so he has gotten kind of immune to the idea of helpi
  3. Andy, one more thing I would check. Because the axle is so heavy, I kept resting it on end to work on this or that. It is possible that you got a piece of junk/debris in the grease on the end of the axle and transferred it into the receiving end of the diff. You may have a piece of debris in the hole of one side or the other. I can see all the way into mine with a good flashlight. If you have something in there, you will be able to see it. Kevin
  4. Andy, just got this feed and want to add my 2 cents. Mine did the same thing at first. It just did not seat all the way in. What I did was took the old seal (and the nuts and bolts) and used it as a press to get the new bearings to seat all the way in place. It kind of pressed everything flush to the axle-housing end. Just put the old seal back on and tighten it back on and it will flush everything up. Then take it off and you are ready for the new parts. I would make real sure the bearings are all the way down into place on the axle first. You know where they have the round edge that fit
  5. Moses, Thank you for the quick reply. I think I am going to be dead in the water for a while. No Jeeping for me for a while. The outside components look good. It is not able to hold in place at all. It feels like the shifter lever stays in place while the gears move. The lever has to be pulled back into the 4H area for 2H to start to catch at all. Then it just slips back out. Like the gears have moved. I got engrossed in the forum that you recommended, the one posted by Foreman. It looks very complete. I do not have many of the tools he used. You all talked about parts, tools and
  6. I am having a new issue with the old Jeep. Just recently the transfer case is slipping out of 2H into neutral. It does fine in 4H and 4L, but if it is in 2H it will not stay in gear. I can hear it grind like the gears are trying to slide in, but they do not. I have to pull it into gear, then it holds for a second and slides back out. This is a Dana 300 from what I can tell. It is on an 83 CJ. Please tell me it is an easy adjustment and not a transfer case repair. Kevin
  7. I have to say I really like your Jeep. I looked at some of your Jeep pictures and it is really nice. I like the roll cage work and roof rack. So the sound that you described with the gurgling sounds like what I find happens when I sit with the engine idling too long. The exhaust gets moisture in it. I think it is condensation or maybe gas build up. You said that when you run the RPM’s up it blow’s the pipe out and it is better. If it ever happens again, have a friend look at the exhaust when you blow it out and see if liquid comes out. I find that when it happens for me, I park up hill (wi
  8. Moses, Thanks for this reply. It is way too much to sort through quickly. It has been a long nagging problem so I guess the fix will be complex too. I have read your reply a few times and plan to print it off so I can read it in detail. It is very detailed. Thanks for that. I have done most of the checks at one point or another but am a bit like a blind man stumbling around. I have never used a voltmeter. I have a cheep one but do not understand it or the settings. I am getting it. I just have to find a day and read up on it. Once I have the volt meter figured out, I can find the short…th
  9. Please help, I need some help on a nagging issue. I have been messing with my fuel & temp gauges for a few years and cannot get them to work right. I have replaced the fuel-sending unit twice. I have replaced the temperature-sending unit 3 times. I have replaced the gauges several times. The last time I worked with Omix (the manufacturer of the gauges) directly to help solve the problem. They said it must be a ground issue and sent me a whole new speedometer, odometer and new gauges. This did not work either. One set of gauges caused the ignition fuse to blow (that was a whole chai
  10. Moses, Thanks for the response. I talked with the auto parts dealer and a mechanic and they both assured me that it goes in with the flat part facing the wheel. So I put them both in backwards. Awesome! We will see how long the repair will last with them in backwards. It all fit real well and has .004 play. The axles were loose enough to rotate by hand, but would not move back & forth. So, it felt good. We will see. I want to replace the gears eventually so I will change the seals at that time. I think my gears are 272’s. The guys with 410’s that I ride with can do so much with no
  11. MountainHound, Just from reading your post, it is obvious that that you are way more capable of a mechanic than I will ever be. So please take my reply with a grain of salt. I cannot advise you about lifters, preload or lifter stuff…I am not comfortable with any of that. But I have an 83 and I just changed out the motor. I went with a crate motor and have been happy with it. It took ½ the time to install than it would to have if I tried to fix the motor and the cost was about the same. They paid for the return shipping and with the core refund, it was not as expensive as I though i
  12. I have been watching this for a few days and see that people are reading it but no one has answered. I want to get after the project tomorrow so I thought I would post these pictures to help make my question clearer. What side of the seal faces the bearing? I am calling the two sides the flared side and the flat side. Well, what do you think?? Help.
  13. I am currently replacing the bearings in my Model 20 rear end. I emailed Mr. Ludel about the order of pieces for putting everything back together. That is how I found out about this forum. I have two questions to clear up. First, how tight do you set the inner seal? Second, what direction does the outer seal face….is it the flatter side that goes toward the bearings?
  14. This is a great topic. I have had to change my bearings a couple times and have found that the main work involved is the hub. It is hard to get off and hard to get on. I have a friendly local garage that has an arbor press. They have been a huge help. Without that, I would be in trouble. I would like to get the new one-piece axels, but I always want to put the money somewhere else. I broke a ½ Inch breaker bar on the shaft nut. I had to borrow a ¾ inch to get the job done. I learned to keep an eye out for the cotter pin hole once you get it tight enough so you do not pass it and cannot tighten
  15. Heool, My Name is Kevin Richards. I have an 83 CJ-8. I am always needing help fixing one thing or another. This sounds like a great community to get involved with to get & give help. I have broken and fixed most of the parts on my Jeep at least once. I have fixed several things the wrong way so I am always looking for help and may be able to shed some light with things that I have seen. I have a few projects going on and want to take on a few big ones too. Always looking for advice and encouragement.
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