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  1. The photos are from before I did the maintenance to fix what I could. Oh also food for thought.. One issue with my death wobble was the passenger side spring was not seated in the pocket correctly. But still have the 40-50mph shimmy
  2. Ok I should have updated the question prior to uploading it here instead of copying and pasting it. I have since replaced steering setup up front with a Rusty's offset steering. Not the best I know but half the price of a currie and so far no issues with steering besides a popping noise when backing up and turning. I assume I just need to get under there and double check the rod ends seated properly. I eliminated the death wobble...... BUT still have a shimmy at 40-50 then goes away if I continue to accelerate. Recently to fix death wobble I replaced bad RH/LH ball joints, UCA axel side
  3. I have a 1999 jeep cherokee XJ I bought it a month ago and it was lifted already. It has a 4.5 rough country lift. UCA, LCA and track bar are adjustable. I recently had an alignment and replaced UCA forward bushings, re-adjusted all the heim style joints, replaced ball joints and sway bar bushings. My main three current problems: 1) I still have a wheel hop/ gallop in the front at 40-50 mph. Coasting to slow down and it goes away or accelerate through it and it goes away. It was what's considered the death wobble before I inspected, adjusted, replaced things and had an alignment done.
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