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  1. Sorry the pic of slave cyl pic isn't working. BUT it bolts right up. Now, as for it actuating the correct length of ''push'' is another thing. Just set it in there for a look-see. E
  2. Good morning. I'm building up a 2wd, 5spd xj that's going to be lowered with a 5.2/ 5spd and picked up a Getrag 6spd and thought that it would be neat to have a 6spd in it and YES it bolts right up to the 5.2 and splines fit along with the pilot shaft and Slave cylinder and Shifter is even pretty dang close!! If you personally want to voice your opinion on your DISLIKE of the Getrag, just keep it to yourself and go away.. I would much rather have GOOD information pertaining to utilization of the 'stock' Getrag speedo output to a 'conventional' speedometer. Thank you very much.. You can see the speedo plug here in the first picture, at the rear top of the trans. Errol
  3. See how high they stick up now that its' lowered.. Could shave off at least a couple inches!
  4. Good morning Sir. Yes, its' (was) a 2dr, 2wd, 4cyl, 5spd that I swapped a '87 crx for. The "tabs" are the pedestals that the upper/lower control arms bolt to. They are shown in the Lower/center of these pictures. Also, NO offense, but I can't find where you moved this thread to.. I looked in the XJ section but didn't find it there, so I just continued here. (sorry. Not so intelligent on computers etc..) Also while I gotcha here.. While at one of my 'home away from homes' (-Pull a part) I was walking out and was walking past the Dodge/Chrysler section and see a 6spd Getrag just sitting on the ground under a '07 Ram. Of course I just HAD to get it and found that it bolts right up to the '98 5.2 magnum! BUT, the speedo is TOTALLY different than the nv3500. If there is a way to convert the signal to a regular speedometer let me know.. It would be kinda neat to have a SIX speed in the little cherokee.. (maybe I'll ask/make a thread on this)
  5. Good afternoon guys n gals. Got a question for the Fabricators, Suspension Guru's out there.. I have a '96 2wd, 2dr, that was purchased for the intent on swapping in a 5.2 from a Grand cherokee and nv3500 from a Dodge ram1500 to a 8.25/3.55 in centering the motor with block hugger headers on it, I'm finding out that the upper control arm pedestals are RIGHT in the way of where the collector would dump. To alleviate this, can I cut the welds of the pedestals, cut off about 2" and reweld them back on the 2wd axle? I mean, the control arms only keep the axle from torsional movement right? It looks like I'd be able to get AT LEAST 2" maybe more! Thanks Errol P.S. it's going to be a "spirited" little driver to maybe later getting a hotter 5.9 after I get all the bugs worked out and such.
  6. Moses, Again thanks for taking time out to respond. My back is a little sore this past week or so, so that I think I'll wait 'til after the 4th weekend to evaluate. (plus, I forgot which site you were on and couldn't find it.) AND, I think I should search for threads on converting to 2wd (as stated above) THEN, making a thread dedicated toward my endeavor of accomplishment. That way when peeps search, it would be easier to find. Errol
  7. Scarce commodity? You'd think that someone would've cast a run of them. Couldn't be THAT hard to reproduce.. Unless the quadra-trac isn't that 'loved' by the community. E
  8. I wanted to ask that question but didn't want to get flamed by "know-it-alls" The way i see it is (and have read it several times) that just as long as the two flanges are parallel or in phase that you're good to go. So, in my little mind, I'm layin under the truck staring at it and think it's rotating in a circle anyway, so what's the difference between being in phase with trans C/L above and below C/L of pinion flange than from side to side phasing? Like I said, it's all a circle.. (wouldn't it be the same if the truck was turned on it's side?? If the flanges are in phase what does it matter..?) BUT, would the "Ackerman" effect be taken into account? (thought that was only for front suspension though..) I'm just trying to do this as inexpensively as I can withought doing an axle swap. (I have a 14bolt from a '78 Chevy 3/4 with a locker. BUT it's a 4.10 and an 8 lug will mess up the rims) Otherwise, I planned on doing the RWD 400 'rebuild' last year since I have a couple 400's built already. Its' just that they're GM. I have one from a motor home that's got the rear E-brake and wanted to swap the heavy duty parts to the AMC case. BUT>>> Then, I'm reading through the classifieds and almost fainted when i see someone selling a AMC V8- GM th400 adapter. WOOHOO! I should have it by Monday!! The dream is getting closer. WAIT A MIN.. I have a 200r4 and a cable 700r4 that are rebuilt also! I might just sleep good tonight. Errol
  9. Hhmm...I remember reading that it was to "Lock the transfer case IN". So I thought that it sort of 'free-wheeled' until that lever was pulled/vacuum was applied. Thank you for your time to post it for me. Are you sure there aren't 4-5 of you? I googled you and man, how do you have the time to help everyone else? Did you ever think of compiling a book of photo's of your journeys? Any-who, when I was under there observing, there were two pretty spongy lines just hanging there. I would think any vacuum over a 3-4" length would collapse it. SO, 'Master Mechanic me' ripped it off and tossed it. It's pretty spartan under there anyway, so I was looking for some hard line to replicate. Going to a 2wd th400. I don't "need" 4wd for my desires of it's intended job(s). Phasing is still phasing.. It's all in a circle. Just as long as the two mating surfaces remain parallel, it (in theory) will work. For those who jumped forward to start typing...If you would like to pay the fuel cost, I'd be happy to take donations. E
  10. Hi, I'm in need of a diagram for the vacuum lines from manifold to the transfer case on a '74 J-10. The lines were all mushy and would like to temporarily switch to the thin, hard plastic lines from a donor vehicle. And is there a vacuum switch from the intake mani or is it under the dash? Thanks Errol
  11. OK, jumping in with both feet 'mudding' up the waters.. Just under Memphis, Tn. Doing a '95 Jeep 5.2 decked to zero with EQ heads and reground cam in a 88 Mitsubishi 1-ton long bed mighty max, with Toyota front hub swap, rear axle swap (3.73) out back Should be FUN.. Then have a '67 M-715 shell that I planned to use a '74 J10's drive train/cab on. (but have listed the M up for sale) And the said, '74 J10, 360, th400 and cable QT. Soon to be a long shaft th400 swapped in for just a 2wd. My needs don't require a 4wd, so keep you're flaming to yourself. Next is a 70's Cherokee 2dr swapped to 2wd, lowered tastefully, later model staggered 17's/18's respectively, running a stroked 4.0 with ITB's and fuel injection, A518 OD, COLD air cond.. The ITB's are a brain-storm from this build.. Just a I-6 instead of a V8. (HEY.. stay with me, don't flame. Just use an open mechanical/machinist/fabricating mind) I'm imagining a balanced to maybe 1g, rotating assy. (with front underdrive pulley, converter/flexplate) winding out to 8000rpm I wonder if they make roller cams yet?? BOY, I bet that would sound neat! Its' only aluminum and flowing AIR!..(for the ITB's that is) https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=Do%20the%20jeep%204.0%20motors%20have%20roller%20cams http://www.jeepsunlimited.com/forums/showthread.php?234332-Roller-cam-for-4-0L Errol
  12. YES.. I have two 5.3's that need a complete rebuild and looking into using the 4" bore LS6 pistons in the 5.3 since it's going to need a over-bore anyway. BUT, what about a 4.8? I've got friends that have them in their trucks and they tow fine.. i wonder if there is a MPG difference between the two @ ___ rpm's with ____ tow weight. If the tuners can get a large jump of HP and TQ from a 5.3, I wonder what can be extracted from the little 4.8? Plus, they're a few hundred $$$ cheaper as the demand for the 5.3/6.0 rises. AND the Dodge 5.7 SRT8/HEMI's are making the jump to the after-market swap arena too! (that would be neat also having a 70's cherokee with a srt8-10 doing sub 10 quarters..) E
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