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  1. Thanks Moses A fellow Jeeper sold them to me for $ 10.00 yes thats ten dollars. I will take them to the spring shop to have them go over them.
  2. Moses Found these front springs on Craigslist real cheap. Claims they are stock out of a 1970 CJ5 but I've never seen stock jeep springs turn down like this on the edges. Do these look stock to you ?
  3. I no longer have the originals. Scrapped years ago
  4. Spring shop said no to longer length top spring. So it looks like new springs. I saw Omix-Ada springs for a good price. Any thoughts on that brand ? Spring shop wants a good buck for a set.
  5. So I am bringing the springs back to spring shop tomorrow to see if they can put a longer top spring on
  6. 2 problems ! I got the wrong transmission mount so I may just sand blast old one and reuse it after getting the front springs reworked at a spring shop, painting to look like new and putting bushing in the darn things are 3" too short ! Since I didn't have originals to match to the donors, It appears these are off a CJ2a or 3A which uses a 36 1/4" long spring. The CJ5 uses a 39 1/4" spring. These will be going up for sale. Just biting the bullet and buying new ones.
  7. Got the rear axle mounted today, rear cross member and front bumper. Threaded rivets I made worked well
  8. Original photo of factory bracket on transfer case mount
  9. The thick side of the wedge faced forward, tilting the pinion yoke up. I am planning on assembling this weekend. I dont want to take this thing apart again if something is not right Original photo of wedges in place
  10. As a point of interest, these spacers are also between crossmember and frame ?
  11. Moses, Why would the factory put these shims on ? Thought they were used for lift kits
  12. I couldn't find longer spring bolts locally, so I just used grade 8 bolts and used lock washers to make up the thickness of the shim. The bolt head fits in axle perfectly.
  13. Had some time to kill this afternoon so decided to mount a spring to the rear axle. First issue was since these are not the original springs they were a bit wider than the u bolt holes in the shock plate so I had to drill out the holes a little to get the u bolt in, then had to squeeze the u bolts together before tightening. What a pain by myself. But the question is, The bolt on top of spring that locks the spring into the axle does not stick up enough to stick above the shim. Is this an issue or normal ? Whats going to keep the spring from shifting around ?
  14. Got the leaf springs back from spring shop. all new bushings put in. Painted them today ,Finally going to start the chassis assembly this weekend. New bumper and cross member in and painted Decided to thread the rivets for factory look since cross member will be welded to frame anyway.
  15. Was looking for input on this. It is the shift fork for what I would assume is the break. I was wondering if it was supposed to be bent like this or not ? It looks like it's bent exactly the same on both sides.
  16. Decided to take apart the winch next, get it cleaned and painted and check things. I didn't expect so much wheel bearing grease inside.
  17. The spring shop assured me I will get the same load rating with the 8. I hope they are right.
  18. Thanks Moses, I decided to refurbish the springs. I will post when I get them back.
  19. Mose's I got a price on getting the 4 springs someone gave me refurbished by a spring co. ( standard spring, paterson nj ) it is half the price of new ones. $240.00 vs $478.00. I've read horror stories about re arching springs and I read great things. Also a concern is the 8 leafs vs the 10 leafs on the original front springs. What are your thoughts ?
  20. Destroyed 2 of these shift rail plugs when I took apart shift housing. Not sure where to get replacements
  21. I've done a lot of searching, just cant find what my year with the V6 should have as far as spring rate.
  22. Found an old picture showing my old stock springs. Looks like 10 up front and 9 in back. Must of had heavy duty package ? URL=http://s1071.photobucket.com/user/Tuckerspop/media/Jeep/Spring%20specs_1.jpeg.html]
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