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  1. John,

    I viewed the Dauntless Buick 225 V6 Rebuild string and going thru one currently.  I'm curious what your thoughts are regarding boring additional .050 to accept 231 pistons?  Someone mentioned to me that he'd convert to even fire.  I want to use HEI electronic module conversion and wondered what you think about that too??

    Thanks for any advice on this subject.....

  2. The stickers came from ebay, just search "dauntless decals " the overhaul kits for the motor I had the machine shop get for me. It was $550.00 for the kit, cam and gasket set. Here is my build on earlycj5 http://www.earlycj5.com/xf_cj5/index.php?threads/my-67-cj5-build.106728/
  3. I found an original motorola alternator that was factory on my year and had it restored The oil bath air cleaner decal I had made The original decal
  4. Air cleaner ready for paint Frame out of storage and washed off. ready for motor Flywheel resurfaced Motor mount and ground strap This wasnt easy doing it alone but a few rachet straps and she popped right in Back together again
  5. Applying the manifold coating rebuilt carb on Distributor cleaned up and painted Tune up kit and clutch
  6. Its all about the details. My spark plug wire holder and some plastic dip couldnt find the oil bath decal repro anywhere so I went on a bumper sticker site and had a bunch made. Selling them on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jeep-CJ-v6-oil-bath-air-cleaner-decal-buick-225-dauntless-/252232375849?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT starting to look good starting to put stuff together
  7. I took the carb apart and glass beaded it then got a rebuild kit and rebuilt it
  8. Sorry or the lack of updates, I'll try to get updated here. The block was just honed not bored and this was a low mile engine so I had the machine shop check the pistons and connecting rods and I reused them. I got a re ring kit, cam kit and gasket set http://www.northernautoparts.com/ProductDetail.cfm?ProductId=3021 I also had the machine shop rebuild the heads. I also got new rocker arm shafts and push rods New intake manifold gasket Engine paint I used Water pump on right is original color. Pretty good match.
  9. Also, waiting for new dampers from napa for timing chain. I didnt forget them
  10. Thanks for the info Mose's to the best of my knowledge the timing cover was never off until I disassembled it. Here are the photos. Cam bolt Inside of timing cover Cam/distributor gear Distributor
  11. Pistons are in Waiting for the new dampers from Napa to come in A couple of questions. There was no cam thrust button on this engine when I took the timing cover off, I dont believe there ever was due to no marks or wear on the inside of the case. Where they discontinued at some point around my yr ? (67) Also your thoughts on soaking the lifters in oil vs not ? factory service manual says not to soak them. Thanks
  12. I decided on sticking with a new rope seal, Some progress photos All the clearances were right on the money Purchased the right tools on ebay
  13. I like staying original so this is the rope seal i ordered. If you notice the side seals have 2 different length pins. Do both pins go into each side ? The directions show one pin each seal but both edges of each seal has the groove for the pins.
  14. Hey Mose's, finally back at it, wondering what your thoughts are on the rear main seal. I really frayed the ends of the rope seal trying to cut it so I went and ordered a new one. Now I'm thinking I should have gone with the Neoprene one. Thoughts?
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