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  1. Hi Everybody, I have a 2006 Dodge 5.9L Sport 4WD 4door auto with the 48RE, a nice truck. Now at 145,000 miles and 30,000 miles on a rebuilt transmission from Randy's in Tooele UT, behind a 425 hp (max) engine rebuild by Industrial Injection. Edge tuner. Mall crawler from day one. Occasionally with very little acceleration out of 3rd, the transmission will over shift to overdrive, then immediately downshift to 3rd. Never did that before the rebuild, or just after the rebuild. Just a problem for the past year and 10,000 miles. No other transmission service after the rebuild. Coming up on tranny rebuild warranty expiration. My tuner and transmission show 4 gears plus overdrive. The transmission starts in 1st, then you can feel a shift to second at about 13mph, then 3rd at about 25mph, then 4th at about 35mph, then what feels like an extra gear at about 45 mph. My tuner shows gears 1-4 plus a 'lock' symbol once in overdrive. The transition from 3rd to lock up, than back to unlocked overdrive 4th gear, is intermittent and typically will occur after some driving (warmed up?) and at about 35-37mph with little acceleration. So apparently the transmission is just on the verge of shifting 3-4, but goes directly from 3 to 4 lockup, then decides that's not right, and shifts back to 4th unlocked. To clarify the truck's equipment, the VIN without the serial number portion is: 3D7KS28C46G------. Bill
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