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  1. There’s more but no WiFi having problems.
  2. It’s really bad Having technical difficulty more to come
  3. I just purchased a 1998 geo tracker. Of course I had two people look at it it had a transmission fluid leak. I should’ve walked away but the rest of it APPEARED to be in great shape. Well no after fixing a bunch of stuff $700 later at a mechanic speedometer still doesn’t work check engine light on for o2 sensor and after moving it for tree cutters wouldn’t start. My friend cleaned relay started ran good but now the alternator locked up burned up belt. Ok you think no biggie I’ll change it we’ll after taking out the windshield wiper reservoir and battery holy crap a hole bigger than the car!!!! So now what have I just thrown near 1500 out the window? There is a little play in the strut tower and where the shock mounts is completely rusted and pretty much gone. You can see the whole shock and wheel well through the hole. Is this worth having repaired welded strut mount replaced? etc ugh. Got a price of 600 to weld but that is from pics and me finding necessary parts. Any help and honesty would greatly be appreciated. I hate to let it go but I need to be realistic.
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