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  1. Hi Moses. One more thought. When I put the pitman on as far as it will go with torquing and push the shaft into the box to eliminate the gap, the pins barely rub on the outside of the worm gear. This is so strange. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Moses and thank you for the quick response. I don't recall the adjuster screw being far out on the side cover during disassembly and the pins do not seem to have any significant wear. The shaft seal does seem to ride in the original position. I am hoping to ask a couple of question which I did not hear answered in the video or elsewhere on the forum. 1) What is the length of the sector shaft used on the v6 engines? I know its is 15/16 in diameter but I have not been able to find a simple length measurement to compare against. 2) Is there suppose to be (or can there be) gap between the pitman arm and box body? Here is the box as originally installed just pivoted down to rest on the frame. It does not appear to have a gap. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Hi All. I am doing a complete strip down and rebuild of a 67 CJ5 v6. I am never done this before so I am learning as I go. I am finally taking it in (as a roller) to get a new exhaust system. I am going custom because I have not been able to find after market. I have gotten different opinions on what to do with the heat riser. I have the original coil but I have not idea if it is good. I could not find a replacement coil anywhere. Many tell me to cut out the flap in the heat riser and just use it as a spacer. I read an old post by Moses where I believe he said it is important to leave it in for the function it plays during engine warm up. So now I am not sure what to do. Any advice or direction would be appreciated. Thanks John
  4. And here is a view of the sector shaft during disassembly. I found a rubber tube inside. I am guessing the original owner put it to limit travel in that direction instead of adjusting the pitman arm orientation.
  5. I am rebuilding my Ross T12 on my 67 CJ5 v6. I confirmed that the steering box is the larger used on this model (TL122987). The Sector shaft is also the original (TL124989) and in good condition. I am replacing the pitman arm because there is pitting on the ball. He is the mystery I am trying to solve. Here is a pic of pitman arm as I was disassembling the box. Please notice that there is no space between the box and the pitman arm and the nut is pretty much flush with the end of the sector shaft. I took it apart, cleaned it up, put the worm gear back in with original bearings (good condition), shimmed to remove all backlash (spins freely), put the sector shaft back in. When I put my pitman arm back on (original or new), there is a gap between the arm and the box. I believe that I have confirmed that the arm is as far on the shaft as the splines will allow. What am I missing here. It's driving me nuts. I understand that the CJ5 v6 used a shorter sector shaft. This is the same sector shaft in all pics. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks John
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