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  1. Ok I think I have this thing figured out. I actually cam across someone that had a 252h grind in stock so I think I'm going to give it a try. When you refer to keep the compression ratio at a NET 8.5:1 - 8.7:1 are you referring to the SCR or DCR ratio? Thanks
  2. Good evening, I spoke with Clifford today. They did not seem to like the TBI systems too much and said they wouldn't really work with there intake manifolds. The Holly 2 barrel sniper in particular. They said I would need a 4 barrel TBI and even that would not work well because the computers on them get confused. They suggested to go carburetor and in particular they really like the twin holly set up. https://cliffordperformance.net/store/ols/products/jeep-40-twin-weber-system-w68-headers or at least a single carb https://cliffordperformance.net/store/ols/products/jeep-40-twin-weber-system-w68-headers Not sure I want to run the dual exhaust headers. I guess I'm not opposed to running carb/s I was more leaning toward TBI because I thought it would be easier and the computer would make needed adjustments based on certain situations.
  3. I have not talked to Schneider - it states a range of 1,500- 4,500 rpm. What does the milder duration do? Keep the rpm range lower? Narrow lobe center - is that the lower LSA? They have 2 others as well. 1,250-4,000rpm http://schneidercams.com/256HamcI6hydraulic.aspx 1,000-3,500 rpm http://schneidercams.com/25256HamcI6hydraulic.aspx or do you prefer the comp cam you listed prior? Thanks
  4. Moses, Thanks for some clarity on the transmissions. After reviewing your notes I think I would like my build to be around a net compression of 8:7 so I can run 87 octane. This will be a fun vehicle that will primarily be driven on the street with some light off-roading and sand driving so I'm not sure I need a monster crawler. I would like to use stock springs and looking at the cam selection it looks like I would need to upgrade springs except for the https://www.compcams.com/xtreme-4x4-197-201-hydraulic-cam-for-jeep-40l-1964-98-cpg.html That cam seems like it might be really low end RPM torque. Not sure if I need something more all around. What do you think about the following cam numbers below and how they compare/differ? All these cam numbers scramble my brain - Schneider Cams - 256-62H Intake- 204 Exhaust 208 lift/ intake .448 lift/ex .448 LSA 112 Clegg Stage 1 - intake 209 exhaust 213 lift/intake .443 lift/ex .443 LSA114 Thanks, Kevin
  5. Well said. I did forget to mention this will be a fun vehicle and not a DD, at least for now that is the intention. Fun cruiser, Sand driving, Mild off roading/ camping, probably not real serious of rock crawling and may take it on a trip or 2. Not sure if we will drive it or tow it but would like to be able to take her on the highway if needed. I should have mentioned this before but I do typically go for the lower end torque and towing with my vehicles.
  6. Great info. I actually came across those articles about the ECUCOP information after I responded the first time. Looks like I can still find the 252H grind at some speed shops even though Comp has discontinued. Would you still prefer the 252H grind over the other current ones listed? If not it seem like the middle one would be the closest match and still be able to use stock valve springs etc. Is it Ideal to keep the compression in the 8:5 range or do you suggest higher compression? Would these cams work with higher compression? Side note to this. Is there a big difference between using a 12 weight crank and a 4 weight crank? Thanks, Kevin
  7. Moses, Love the information you provide. I was reading this article that refers to the 252h Grind cam. The only part number I can find for this is 68-200-4. I can find the product at many online parts stores but can not find it on Comp Cams website. Is this the correct cam? I also notices it says not intended for fuel injection ( I am thinking about running a TBI system like Holly sniper. It also states its a good come for compression ratios between 8:1 & 9:1. I am not sure what my compression will be yet as I just dropped my stuff off to the machine shop. Please let me know your thoughts on this. I will provide my build list below 1989 - 4.2 crank , 1992 -7120 head, 1998 4.0 block( bore .030), 1998 4.0 rods, IC944 pistions, TBI such as Holly sniper, Howell etc. Thanks, Kevin
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