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  1. I have a '92 Geo Tracker 4x4 automatic. How do I - 1 - remove the brake drum to inspect the condition of the shoes and drum? 2 - how to adjust the rear brakes.
  2. I figured out what it is for. It is a bypass to the ignition lockout on the shifter. Not needed (when the button is pushed) is to have the ignition key turned to ON and stepping on the brake pedal to move the shifter out from park.
  3. I have a 1992 Geo Tracker that has a push button that is mounted on the cover that sits on the hump in the car between the seats which also goes around the tranny and transfer shifters. The button when pushed with the key on activates what looks like a solenoid switch. It is marked - Shindengen 61A50 1528. When pushed hear a click sound in the instrument panel/cluster somewhere on the left of the speedometer/odometer. I cannot find what this is or what it does in the owners manual or the shop manual. Nor can I find anything on this in the internet. Sine pushing it, the speedometer is not working properly. Does anyone have any info on this? Please answer through this forum or via email (which would be quicker) to fdietsch@gmail.com. Thanks! Frank in Bend, OR
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