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  1. Moses, after doing some of the tests, improving some grounds and retesting, it appears I have the wrong sending unit. I just ordered the Crown one for my OEM plastic 20 gallon tank. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, Moses. I was thinking the previous owner had put a standard 15 gal sending unit/arm/float in the tank years ago (even though this Jeep has a 20 gallon tank), but I did not want to influence your answer, so I appreciate the detailed response with different things to check before I just drop the tank and replace a sending unit that I might not have to. That said, after checking everything, if I do need one, I have not heard great things out there about any of the CJ-7 sending units, much less the 20 gallon type. Any suggestions on where I could get an accurate one that is made well? Than
  3. I have a 1985 Jeep Laredo with the 20 gallon plastic tank. After a fill up, my dash gas gauge in the speedo reads WAY full and when driving around, it takes forever to move the needle--after I have driven around for the week, it starts to drop, but then faster than normal. When the gas gauge reaches 1/4 tank, the Jeep is empty and out of gas. For years, i have just filled it up before I get to a 1/4 tank, but my 15 year old boy is going to be driving it soon, so I want to fix it. Any ideas?
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