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  1. Moses, thanks for your detailed and quick response. I forgot to mention that this engine was rebuilt a year ago. O2 sensor is brand new NTK. All other sensors have been tested either with OBD tool or with scope and seem to operate properly. In some cases I had spare ones that return same values. Based on part number I installed proper fuel pump. I tested for bleed down and it held pressure for more than 30 mins. I will preform the test at fuel filter. Can I simply remove fuel filter and put tee instead of it? What bothers me is that with both old and new regulator there is fuel odor in
  2. I'm trying to nail this down but unfortunately without any success. Jeep has around 27-9 psi pressure at rail at idle and vacuum connected. With disconnected vacuum it is around 36psi. I think this is main issue why my fuel trim numbers are 5-8%. Things done so far: Fuel filter has some 3k miles on it. Bypassed fuel filter and pressure is still the same. Cleaned and tested fuel injectors. All tested good. Checked vacuum lines Fuel tank had to be dropped for skid replacement, so I replaced fuel pump at the same time /w new strainer Replaced fuel pressure regulator
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