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  1. As before, thanks for the detailed answer! You've made this so much easier than it would have been if I had not found this thread or your video.
  2. The feedback was well deserved. I do have a curiosity question that you may have addressed in the video and I just missed it. If (which thankfully mine didn't) there was excess clearance on any of the gears how would you go about fixing it? Do they make thicker shims or do you just replace them with new ones that are factory spec? I have another ax15 I'm going to tackle after this one and just trying to figure it out in case I do have that issue in the future. Thanks again!
  3. Moses, thank you for the quick and informative response. I decided to take your advice and rent your AX15 rebuild video. To say it was a big help would be an understatement. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an informative walk though of the process, clearances, torque specs, etc of an AX15.
  4. Moses Ludel I hope this post finds you. I'm in the process of reassembling an NOS 1991 AX15 that was built as a 2wd unit and I'm converting it to 4wd using the output shaft and housing from a used AX15. Here's my problem. The 1/2 and 3/4 syncros that came in the new transmission sit ever so slightly higher on the gears than the ones out of my used transmission, which happen to sit just under flush. So, when I go to press the new gears and syncros onto the used output shaft, it puts a slight bind on the syncros and keeps the gear from spinning freely. The syncros on the used trans were rep
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