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  1. Well, I thought that one couldn't just replace just the gear cog, but that there would be more to it. So If you had the two transmissions side by side, I'd think you could replace all the parts. But I suppose that there'd be an issue with the 1-2 synchronizer, a big jump. And I'd considered moving to medium duty transmissions, but the cost and complexity of manufacturing the adapters, crossmembers and divorced transfer case. After looking through your links and looking at the transmissions available for the medium trucks, I decided that I could get all the luxury I wanted with these: ht
  2. Can the 2nd and 3rd and possibly the 4th gear ratios be changed for a T-19 transmission? My current 7.5L, T-19 transmission is geared 5.11, 3.03, 1.79, 1.00, bought new in the 1986 F250HD 4wd and spec'd it with 4.10 gear. I really don't like the 3-speed spread in the road section gearing but love the 5.11 first for creeping around in the woods. I wouldn't mind even having a slight overdrive in place of the 1.00, but probably no chance of that. I will just have to up my tire diameter from 35" to 36".
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