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  1. Hi Moses, thank you for your thorough recommendations. I forgot to mention in my original post that I as started the process of replacing the ignition switch (Duralast PN LS442), my starter failed and I replaced it with a remanufactured model as well as the solenoid with Duralast PN AM431, so this is a brand new unit. Today I think I have realized that I exceeded the 10A limit on my digital multimeter which is why I am no longer reading any current. However, when I complete the circuit at the knife cutoff with a 12-volt test light, the light shines BRIGHTLY. I have gone through the
  2. Greetings and thanks for the opportunity to share my story and hopefully get some insight on what's going on with my ol' trusty Jeep. I have an '83 CJ-7 with a parasitic draw that I have been unable to isolate. This problem has presented only recently. I have inspected it in pitch dark and have found no lights burning, either on the outside or interior/dash. It has a new battery. I have attempted to use a digital voltmeter to assess the current being drawn but I get variable readings (sometimes zero) despite the fact that I always see a little spark when I reconnect the knife-type batter
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