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  1. It was detail 4, the screen at the pickup is actually a cylendar screen nor flat like shown in #9, but all else is the same. 

    I just hooked up the fuel line from the pump directly to the carb without the feed bypass to the tank or the filter, she runs, no starvation. Could the new filter be bad? Or is the feed back line to the tank taking all the flow and pressure some how?



    Okay, thanks so much, will get on your suggestions immediately. 

    I did notice the flapper at the mouth of the fuel tank filler may not be sealing as is bent a bit, does it and the cap need to seal, holding pressure? 


    Cut some gasket material and added to cap to try to get a seat as can not find replacement. Bowl starved st 2800 rpm rather than 1800. I notice you mentioned Roll over valve which are at the tank vents. The new tank has bent tubes welded in the top, no such valve. What are they for what do they do? Do those vent lines actually pressurize the tank? Where does the other tank vent line go?


  3. Wow, thanks for the diagram, bought a Chilton's and it dosen't have one as good. 

    I see that one vent shows from the canister, where does the other come from?

    That is news about the gas cap seal, is doesn't seal good, this 1987 system is not simple like you would expect for the age. The flapper in the neck does not sit and the mouth is bent...I need a new neck fitting and cap... almost like someone tried to steel gas and got angry...did not expect performance problems from that.



  4. Thanks Moses, original carb I replaced with a rebuild as could not pass smog, it did this starvation thing so took to a shop as was i out of personal time to devote. They said it was wrong carb and took it back to supply house and exchanged. I picked it up and towed it to my place about 5hrs away and found new carb does same... But original did not. It is good until load demand at 1800 rpm for about 100' then dies.

    What is my float setting to be? or do I just keep adjusting until flow sufficient. Is there a fuel pressure gauge I should have shipped as i am remote, yes specs and hook up location for pressure and volume would be appreciated. Just worries me that both the rebuild and new carbs were factory set, guaranteed, and both did this.

    I notice that where both steel lines run to the tank the steel lines stop at a cross member just before the tank, hose clamps to rubber and  loops in a 360 circle about 4" diameter to go through the space between crossmember and the body and hose clamps again to fittings then  rubber on over to the sending unit. Does that sound standard? Could I loose volume in a 360 loop of 4" diameter, or pressure? The original tank I replaced because of leak where skid plate was damaged was plumes this way, I just hooked up the new steel tank and sending unit.

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