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  1. I replaced the CPS again with no change. Everything looked fine when I took it out. Would the CPS cause the relays to click when I turn the key, before cranking?
  2. OK, so my Jeep ran great for about a year. Then it began to stall out randomly. I replaced the CPS and it ran great for another month or 2. Now the relays are clicking again. But only sometimes. Sometimes it will fire right up, but sometimes it will just click click click. Tried cleaning up the grounds at the firewall. No change. I went to clean up the grounds near the dipstick tube, and the connectors broke and are currently disconnected. Still starts and runs with them disconnected so they cant be connected to the relays. Is it possible I have a bad ECU? Anyone have a good used ECU for my 89 2.5? Or are there any other donors i can use from a junkyard?
  3. Found 1 ground disconnected and 1 loose at the firewall. Reconnected and it runs great! Thank you moses for all your help! Now I can move on to installing power steering!
  4. Thanks! The relays are the same exact type, and I did switch them with no luck. They are BOTH clicking with a perfect rythm, one clicks then the other clicks. Pull one, the other still clicks, vice versa. I will check and clean all the grounds. Did you read my link I posted above about the capacitors being burnt out on the later style MPFI computers?
  5. The ecu is behind the glove box, and I can access 2 of the 3 screws, im having trouble getting at the 3rd one. There has to be something im missing… .
  6. I let it sit for about an hour, and the clicking is gone, and it restarts. Let it run for a few minutes, and it dies, and the clicking comes back. So, I've began to remove the ECU to check it out. I got the glove box and grab handle out, but I can't figure out how to get the ECU unbolted. HELP!
  7. Could it be a problem in the ECU? I've read this link http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f12/crash-course-brain-surgery-replacing-capacitors-ecu-492597/ But thats for a MPFI setup, not TBI, so I'm assuming the ECU is different?
  8. OK. I got the connections to check the direct pressure from the pump. Turn the key, and it pumps up to about 25psi. Gauge leaks a tiny bit, so it may loose a PSI or 2. I then started it up to warm it up to induce the problems. Drove it about 1 block, she died, and wouldnt restart like she had before. With the key on, I now have some rhythmic clicking coming from BOTH the relays on the passenger side near the firewall. (fuel pump relay(s) I assume) and the fuel pump is cycling on and off. Waited about 15 minutes, tried again, still clicking. Unhooked battery for 5 minutes, still clicking. So thats where I'm at. What would cause the relays to click on and off continuously? Here's a vid of the clicking
  9. Thanks Moses. That's my next step. Gotta get some fittings first. I'm going to say I have a failing fuel pump. Cold, it starts and idles good, and I can lightly feather the throttle and it drives OK. After a block or 2 down the road, it begins to fall on its face. Circle back around the block and it stalls. Seems like the fuel pump cutting out. I probably killed the pump by running it out of fuel a few times. My gauge is not too accurate, it tends to float around. (you think this is sender or gauge?) I'll confirm this after I get a chance to find some fittings.
  10. No check engine light, but I think the bulb could be burnt out because the light never comes on, and other bulbs are out. I pulled the crank sensor and it didn't look bad, but I went ahead and cleaned it. Fired it up and it idled ok. (Cold start) test drove and it began falling on its face. 1/2 mile drive and it stalled like it did last time. Took about 10 seconds of cranking before it restarted. Idles ok but falls on its face with throttle. While idling, pressure at test port reads 11 to 12 but drops to 5 or 6 when you rev it up. Heres a vid Fuel pressure drop: Attempted to check pressure at the feed line direct to pump, but I dont have the right fittings. Another day……
  11. Thanks! Problem is though, she will NOT idle. Have to give it 1/4 to 1/2 throttle or else she stalls. Even then she is stumbling pretty good. A little bit of black smoke puffing out the exhaust, with a light black coating on the ground. Look into the TB while its running, and it seems as if the injector is "spitting" short bursts of fuel instead of a fine mist. This can be heard as well as seen. I tested the crank sensor, 212 ohms. Good. MAT sensor - 1200 ohms. Good according to the chart (tested when the engine (and myself) had cooled off. CTS sensor - 1200 ohms as well. Havent checked the MAP sensor yet, as I cant get it to idle. Havent checked the TPS either. I will have to make a test rig for the fuel flow as you suggested. What size is the return line on this? I need to pick up a length of hose and a ball valve to do this test. Also, should I try to use shop air to blow down the fuel lines back into the tank to clear any restrictions? I'm ready to give up on this thing and focus on my boat. I hope I can get her going, I just want a little fun in the sun. Sorry for the hijack, should I start a new thread?
  12. I ran the jeep again, and its back to running like crap. Idled OK but when I took it for a test drive, it fell on its face. Would barely go around the block, falls on its face at anything above idle. Pressure is now 12-13psi. Died just before I could get it back in the driveway. Wouldnt restart, gauge shows no fuel pressure. Sit for a while and it re-fires. No fuel pressure while cranking. Is this due to the O2 sensor being flooded out? I crank crank crank, let off and go check the gauge, nothing. Should there be fuel pressure while cranking? I read that its only when the fuel pump is running. Does it bleed off that fast, from when I'm cranking to when I go check the gauge? Going to check a few sensors and see whats going on, and check to see if I'm loosing spark when it dies. One more day of testing before I give up on it for the season and focus on my boat.
  13. So, I ran a pressure test. Soon as I fired it up, it ran fine. Pressure was 14-15psi. What's up with that?
  14. So, I've been following this, and it seems I've been having similar problems with my 89 2.5 TBI, but a little worse. My Jeep was running OK, high idle, and small misfire here and there but runs OK for the most part. One day went to start and it was spitting and sputtering, barely ran unless I revved it way up. Seems a large amount of fuel is being sprayed by the injector. I can pull the connector off the injector and it smooths out for a few seconds before it dies. I pulled the regulator and it looked ok, spring was springy, diaphragm was not ripped. Going to do a pressure test tonight. What ended up being the problem? The regulator?
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