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  1. Moses, Thanks for all the valuable info. That is more than I want to get myself into. Good points on towing...going to re-think traveling plans. I guess the old saying is correct. 'If it has 'T''s or tires, expect trouble'. Again, thanks for the info! Jay
  2. No...I have a 5 speed manual. I have heard of welding procedure. I guess what I am trying to figure out is what I have to do to flat tow this behind a motorhome. Bird 13
  3. Thanks, Moses. I have installed free wheeling hubs on older Trackers. Reason I was asking, I talked to a Tracker/Sidekick Salvage yard and was told the newer ones (2nd Gen) are different and have an air assist to shift into four wheel drive and that you may have to modify before installing hubs. But told me to check with forums first to see if anyone has done that to a 2000 Tracker.
  4. Greetings, I have a 2000 Tracker 2 door. Looking for manual locking hubs and what I have to change before installation. Want to be able to flat tow this vehicle. Thanks!
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