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  1. Bought my son a nice 86 cherokee. It has an idle problem that is driving me crazy though. I've checked for vacuum leaks and found none. I've checked all the sensors according to what I've found on this site and they check good, except the tps, I havent checked it... I ran out of time the last time I got to work on it due to rain... So it is suspect. The problem is, when you start it, hot or cold, it will surge and sometimes die for about 45 secs to a min. I can see the IAC motor slowing decreasing the idle but then right before it dies, it will snap the throttle open. Somtime's it does die before it can open fast enough, but the IAC motor seems to be working. After that first min of surging, it runs great, won't die or surge again, until you shut it off for a few mins and restart. It will start right up everytime but go through its surge for a min and then run fine. You can keep it running by feathering it. Engine hot or cold it will do this. Could this be the tps? Its the 2.5l with the manual trans.
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