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  1. Thanks for the info Moses. Much appreciated. With the sonnax accumulator piston upgrade do you happen to know if the stock small long spring Fits the sonnax accumulator piston? They mention needing to source a spring from another transmission if my stock spring will not fit On the inside portion of the piston.
  2. Is this correct for the springs upon reassembly? The O-rings on the accumulator body look like they could be replaced. Does anyone know of a source for these O-rings or would I have to buy a transmission rebuild kit in order to get these. I also want to replace the seals on the shifter selector shaft since it’s apart.
  3. Hey all. New to this forum. I have recently inherited a 99' Wrangler with 132k miles that needs a bit of TLC. It has the 6 cyl and auto trans. 32RH I believe it is. I am working on the trans at this time and not sure of where everything goes. A little history of this Jeep. The previous owner was out trail riding with his crazy ex-girlfriend one day and and for whatever reason she grabbed the shifter and jammed it into park while they were in motion. After that incident the jeep would not hold in park. I think the park pawl is broken but have not investigated that yet. Also when moving the shif
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