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  1. Thanks for the encouragement! He did pull the shaft out and let the bearings fall. Lol. Part of the learning process. He does it all 100% by himself. I'm pretty lucky in that he has a natural talent for mechanical. He has been welding with might and stick since he was 8. Tig only a couple years but he's pretty good. He is lucky because I have been an automotive tech for the better part of 26 years. Mostly gm dealer but a little ford and dodge sprinkled in for good measure. I grew up in my Dads body shop so he will benefit from that as well. We he get home from work after school I will have him try to get some better pics. His budget will likely go to zero shortly as hockey is set to start and he pays most of that himself. Has to have the fancy hockey stick. Lol. He is a worker though and will switch from the farm to reffing hockey so he should be back in the black by christmas. Thanks again for the kind words.
  2. Thanks for the reply Moses. He has no idea what to ask for this stuff. He is just a young fella so I imagine he will take any reasonable offer. He has worked from the time he was 9 years old and saved every penny to put toward this build. He works summer's and weekends at a farm to pay for this. He is learning things the hard way that's for sure.
  3. Hi there...My 14 year old son is building a '63 Scout for when he gets his license. He has decided to go with a newer powerplant and drive train so he is trying to sell the original stuff. He has for sale: Engine (disassembled because it was seized), transmission, transfer case, diffs, radiator and miscellaneous parts. We are located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Will ship on your dime.
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