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  1. Hello, Resistance between pin 15 to the connector is 00.1 Crossing the pins of the disconnected temp sensor, I read 1.4K (infrared said about 100 degrees at the temp sensor). I also checked continuity between pin 32 (ground) at the ECU and the ground wire at the connector at the CTS and it is good. Even though I am only getting .62 volts from the computer at the connector, it is reading 155 degrees on the scanner, which is about what the infrared is picking up at the thermostat housing. I read that the computer may be substituting air intake temperature if there is a problem with the CTS circuit. I think this is starting to point to the computer? Thanks
  2. Hi Moses, Thanks for what you do here. I did check with an infrared and the temp at the thermostat and surrounding area was around 150 degrees so I will get another thermostat. But, I went a bit farther checking the temp sensor and circuit. The troubleshooter on the scan tool said that when unplugging the CTS with KOEO, the scanner reading should go to 247 degrees but it actually goes to -40 degrees. I then checked the CTS circuit. The ground circuit is good but the circuit from the computer that should have 5 volts has just .62 volts with KOEO. I assumed I had a break in the wire somewhere. The wiring diagram I found shows that wire going straight back to pin 15 on the computer but when I traced the line it went straight to the diagnostic connector. What am I missing here? I have a feeling the wiring diagram doesn't show the complete picture. Thanks in advance. Tony S.
  3. Hello, I have a 1987 YJ 2.5L. It has a bad miss at idle once warmed up. It has a new fuel pump, MAP, Coolant sensor and the mechanic put a used fuel pressure regulator in it. Today, I hooked up my old Snap-on scanner. It shows that it is staying in open loop, it has 0 hg. of manifold vacuum, and coolant is not going over 155 degrees. I changed the coolant sensor and it reads exactly the same. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Tony
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