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  1. Ok so update.... i did all the tests on those sensors and found them all to be in range but they were really worn out so i replaced them anyway. Thanks for leading me in that direction tho moses. I ended up doing alot of research on it and stumbled accross a discussion for an issue very similar to the one i WAS having. A guy in this conversation said something simple and i tried it and located my issue immediately! So if you read my original post i mentioned i had my OBD tester coming. Well i got it in. Played with it for a few days and got familiar with it and for the life of me ... couldnt f
  2. Hey thanks for this info by the way Moses! I would have never thought of it. Im going to break out my multimeter this week and figure this out! Much appreciated! Hope I find the smoking gun. Will keep you posted.
  3. Ok, so i only get this issue during a coldstart (sitting overnight or an hour ish). So here's what its doing, when i start the rig everything idles good, as soon as I hit the gas it revs up and then starts to stall out, i rev the gas a few more times and it bogs and does a small backfire like sound and then starts idling great again. I can drive it around for hours on end or all day and it runs tip top, no stalling, bogging, nothing, just runs perfect. I can turn it off after it warms up and back on and nothing... runs great. Wait 10min start it up.... runs great. This only happens on a coldst
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