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  1. Much thanks Moses. Just to update a bit. I had some time to go over some small things the past few days. I cleaned the ECU contacts & used some die electric grease on them. Neither the connector or the ECU pins looked corroded. All looked well. I used a flashlight to see inside the holes on the plug connector side. The firewall area around the ecu was rusty, Just some surface rust so I removed the surface rust and quickly spot painted that area. Used the air hose to blow out the dust too. I swapped out the cap rotor & plug wires. I had to fix up some of the bolts that hold the coolant
  2. What I did was took the 94 gas tank out and put my 95 gas tank in as I knew there were no problems with the 95 gas tank. I didn't take anything apart as I figured I had it so why run to the parts store for something it may not need. I still have the 95 gas tank in and hooked up. I do plan on rechecking the 94 gas tank but since it is running I figured leave the 95 hooked up for now. The check engine light does come on. I have checked for codes but only getting 12- battery disconnected, 33 A/C which is not equipped with the Jeep, and 55- End.I was surprised to see no other code
  3. Hello there, I've been having some problems with my 94 YJ 2.5L Jeep Wrangler. I bought it broke. It was a crank all day, no start. then one day over the previous winter I decided to try it again. To my surprise it started. Ive been testing things & replacing things. So far I swapped out my gas tank with a good known to work fuel pump. I took the original tank and put it on the side. I put a new fuel filter in it. I also replaced some fuses under the dash & PDC as they were blown when I bought it from the previous owner. I know there was one 10 amp in the PDC that needed repla
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