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  1. Just want to add my 2 cents worth to this thread. THIS WHOLE THREAD IS GREAT! I have had all these issues with my 90 YJ 2.5 TBI. I will be taking my tablet out to the garage with me and start walking through each of these steps. Thank you Moses for all you do and all your patience. And thank you stinger87 for staying with it long enough to see it through. I see hope for my little desert rat in the near future..
  2. Thank you very much. I'll give that a try. I knew the timing wasn't adjustable and was thinking that 15 or 16 degrees btdc at idle might indicate a slipped tooth on the chain. Thank you for the pages, it helps.
  3. Revision: as the idle speed increases the timing moves considerably further away from tdc. Evidently I was not seeing the mark correctly. It goes so far btdc that I can't see the mark at 1500 to 2000 rpm. (Or could this be a vacuum leak?)
  4. I have a very tired 1990 YJ 2.5. It spent it's life as a pit vehicle at a sand and gravel pit in north Las Vegas. It has had runability issues from day one with rough idle, to very little power. I have changed the tbi injector, cps, tps as well as the map sensor, ignition module, coil, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and egr valve. I just put a timing light on it to see where my timing was and at an idle it is showing 15 degrees btdc. Is that normal? Or is it possible the timing chain has slipped a tooth? As the idle increases it moves toward tdc and at about 15 to 16 hundred rpm it's at tdc. Any thoughts on loose timing chain vs. bad module somewhere? Thanks for any help.
  5. Moses, thanks for the reply. I finally dug out my Jeep Owner's Bible, and along with your articles I have been ever so slowly putting my Jeep back together. It is one of those Jeeps that was pieced together from multiple sources by the previous owner and not everything lines up where it is supposed to go. The wiring harness has been butchered and pieced together with scotch-locks and butt splices in multiple places (really!) and it looks like several of the suspect sensors were thrown into a vat of acid and mud prior to being put in. I am no longer surprised at what I find in this poor little Jeep, so I think the best thing at this point is to start reconstruction of all the wiring and sensors and get it back to square one. I'm betting once I get everything back to where it is supposed to be, with wiring that isn't in multiple pieces, most of my issues will go away. Love your site, and your books! Thanks, Craig Bullhead City AZ.
  6. Hi, all. I'm a new member from Bullhead City AZ. first post is with a problem that my 90 YJ base 2.5 is having. The engine seems to be running fine for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, then a very slight stumble (misfire) begins and within about three to five minutes it starts to act like it's starving for fuel and then dies. As soon as it dies, I can start it right back up (no delay) and it repeats the same thing over again. It seems to me if it was a plugged fuel filter or a loose connection, that it would not necessarily start right back up again. The thing that is weird is that there is NO delay when I start it up. It dies, then fires right back up and is fine for a few minutes. At first I thought maybe the vacuum air restrictor in the air box was closing down and starving it for air, thereby choking it out, but I'm not sure if that's it and when it starts to die I can't get out to the air box to open it up before it dies. It does not seem to do it if I just let it sit and idle in my garage. It only does it when I'm on the road. Any thoughts? ideas? Crank position sensor? TPS? Injector? vacuum leak that I am not hearing? Any Ideas on where to start looking would be welcome. Thank you. 2.5 TBI 4 cyl (110,000 miles) 5 SPD AX5 Trans NP231(?) Transfer case Craig Bullhead City AZ
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