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  1. Thanks, I think I'll probably make some lines AN lines. So the forums will be closed? Is there plans to reopen them at some point?
  2. Thanks for the info. The dorman fitting is a quick connect also but has a different style of quick connect that is hidden inside the fitting. It says it will work on 3/8 tubing so I think it might work. I haven't tried to connect it to my tubing yet since I don't have a removal tool yet and I don't want to mangle it with a screwdriver like I did the original quick connect. Is it advisable to try to use just 3/8 flexible hose for the entire cooling lines? I've found 1/4 x 18 NPT to barbed fitting that would probably work if I just went with hose but I don't know if this is advisable? There are
  3. I've attached a photo of the old fitting that came out of the transmission case and a new dorman fitting part # 800-610 that cross referenced the mopar part 04617517. The dorman quick connect fitting says its a 1/4 x 18 NPT thread? It seems to thread into the transmission case fine so I guess that's the size? The quick connect end is different though but says it will fit 3/8 tubing. I haven't tried the quick connect end yet.
  4. Hi, I'm working on a 32RH and I'm trying to replace the cooler lines coming out of the tranny. I've got the tranny out of the Jeep and was degreasing the exterior. I used some 1/4 NPT plugs to plug the ports while I cleaned it. They started to thread in by hand but bound up pretty quickly just finger tight. Fine for keeping crud out while I cleaned but if I need to replace those fittings I don't think they're really just 1/4 NPT. Are cooler lines a different type of thread? The original quick connect fitting looks possibly tapered? Also wondering if Jeep still sells this quick connect fittings
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