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  1. Hi Moses, very cool on the Goodson product! I’ll have to keep that in mind! I spent all last week on the silver lake sand dunes in Michigan, and my only problem was slowing down at the top! Couldent be happier with the engine, and I have not touched a thing in months! I was forced to run an ethanol mix for a few tanks, and did not have any issues with the heat or extreme angles or boil over. min sure people were surprised to see those NDT’s claw up the sand. love the front and back powrloks. I have some fun calculating my best climbing gear in the sand. Up was the jeep T-18 in 4th (1:1) in low range (2.45) with the Saturn engaged( .75) or not depending on how many people were with me! 4.27 final is a great gear all around I think. Only down side was if I got stuck and had to backup, the 7.0 reverse gear in low range is painfully slow!Lol.
  2. I grew up on the coast of Maine and was a boat builder for a time. I was repeatedly amazed by some of the crazy things epoxy was used for. I have no idea if there will be any long term fatigue or brittleness or slow reaction to fuel, but I guess I’ll take the risk. It has been a really interesting progression with this little v6. When I installed it, it had the original ignition and the 1 barrel that came with the early Buick 225 fireballs. I then upgraded to the 2 barrel and noticed some fairly minor torque gains as expected. Then I moved to the 4 barrel intake with the quadrajet and standard ignition. This had faster pedal response and a bit more torque. Then I upgraded the exhaust to dual exhaust (all the way to the back) and this just seemed to help in the upper rpm range opening up the secondaries. Next I swapped in the Correct quadrajet as we talked about seemingly with proper jet sizes, and this probably is saving gas and probably adding some power. Most recently I changed to the HEI and added voltage and spark plug gap really made everything finally click. Torque is now instant, and the power just feels effortless. Super fun!😄 finally at the point where I may just leave it alone!
  3. The Steel stick bonds well to roughed up aluminum and is rated up to 300 degrees. Sounded low, but the aluminum intake should not get much hotter than the coolant running through it at 180 to 200 degrees or so. Used for just re-shaping the ports, it doesn’t see any real stress either.
  4. I started with the offy 360 dual plane aluminum intake setup for a normal square bore. I machined the ports out with a dremmel and added steel stick to some areas to make it have 2 compliantly isolated circuits. One for primaries and one for secondaries without any crossover. The carb needed to bolt directly to the manifold only with the 3/16 thick insulating spacer between in order to still Barely fit under my flattie hood without any modification. Normal driving is all primaries, and the secondaries only open up at higher rpm under load, and they really do add something. I do think the secret to making this carb work is the dual port segregation. Small primary ports keep the velocity up. If I have the carb off any time soon I’ll snap a picture.👍
  5. This seemed to be all new, and no core charge asked for. 30 day warrantee, so best to try it out. Stephan was out of California, knowledgeable and backed up his product in my option. May be an import carb, but seems to work for me.
  6. https://www.i-5automotive.com/product-category/marine-carburetors/ so.. one of the stock marine engines is actually a 2.8. Very close to 225/3.7L.
  7. I did ask them to re-jet accordingly for the 225 before sending. And I’m sure they used a 4.3 carb and just modified it. I just bolted it up and have had great drivability for 8+ months. It’s no exact science, but so far so good. Still considering the mix sensor for fine tuning but overall great results.
  8. Just an update since last august Called a Maine carborator company and asked for a new quadrajet jetted for 225 displacement, and configured for cars not boats. Quadrajets on GM 4.3 marine engines apparently are very common. 1 week and 350$ later it arrived, bolted it up and haven’t touched it. Just another source if anyone was curious. Recent HEI upgrade also added fire the fuel, and complemented this setup well.
  9. Just went through a month of frustration, but all ended well. Turns out standard quadrajet footprint was larger than that of a standard square bore base plaeau, when modified for a spread bore pattern. Not sure if anyone will ever try this, but just an FYI if you do. although the quadrajet was much improved, when it would get hot the gasket would leak because the quadrajet gasket has a 1/2 overhang in the front beyond the offy 4 barrel intake. I have been sucking air for a month or more, and struggling with why I could not get it it idle down! I built out the intake with some steel stick, and all is now well. On top of that, I propped my heat riser into the permanently closed position when it began to rattle. (Imbarrased to admit) but with those two bugs fixed, and with a fresh new carb and Petronix just added, WOW! 😄. Finally running awesome. Have to expect the bugs...
  10. Thanks Moses, I will look into it. Your right it is a fairly common 1 1/8” ID. 1 3/8 OD. I like the idea of full needle bearing in place of the caged/spaced needle bearings I have. Kind of like u-joints... may not swap them soon, I’m finally satisfied for now. Hitting the dunes for a week on the 4th, so that will be a good stress test!😄
  11. Certainly not a bolt-on modification. there was some play between the needle bearings and the new pin, And I needed to tighten the pin to the point where there is some resistance. The Crown repair kit may not be that great. I may look into American made needle bearings, or the whole kit if anyone knows a good source? Thanks adam
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