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  1. Thanks Moses! It might come sooner than I want. With all the nonsense over COVID19, you just never know.
  2. Moses, Thanks for the info, especially on the diesel swaps. I have thought about that as well. I follow Nate at dirt lifestyle on YouTube. He loves his diesel swaps in Jeeps. There are a lot of options when swapping in a diesel. If I had my own shop, that would be a real possibility. But first, I have many other things to finish on the Bumble Jeep (like paint). This nonsense with Corona has things all buggered up for me right now. Hopefully by the time I "retire" a year from August (66 and 2 months) I'll have the XJ and my retirement conversion camper done and I can start to travel some.
  3. Moses, Not even considering swapping in any GM engine or transmission. If it doesn't have 3 pedals. I don't want it. It took me a long time to find to find my 5 speed XJ and not going to give it up for an automatic. I've heard of Advance Adapters. Good product, crazy price. Still exploring options that don't involve GM parts. The Hemi is the most likely swap at this time. Frank
  4. Moses, Thanks for getting back to me. Not a fan of LS swaps into non GM vehicles. I prefer to keep a Mopar a true Mopar. The RB engines I was referring to were RB 24 and RB 25 (Nissen I think) I was told they would also bolt up to the AX15. If that's the case, it would make for an interesting swap. I've done some checking and I know the AX15 is only rated at 200/300 HP. But I'm not building a rock bouncer or even an off road beast. I'm just looking for better fuel economy. My 4.0L runs great and has plenty of power for what I do, but the mileage sucks. (10-13 MPG) Even the 5.7 Hemi i
  5. Moses! I have a 95 XJ (Project Bumble Jeep) I am building. Mostly stock at this point except for a Zone 3" lift and and all that goes with that. My stock 4.0L runs great but gets only about 11-14 mpg. To be fair I only fill the tank once a month (8k miles in 2 yrs) so I've had to switch to non ethanol (93) fuel. My question is I'm thinking of swapping in a more modern straight 6 (looking at possibly an RB or even a 1J or 2J.) I've been told by some fellows down under these might bolt up to the AX15 without an adaptor plate. This would be great if true. Honestly I jut want better fuel econ
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