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  1. So I was able to install a new CTS and oxygen sensor. Took a drive while watching scan data. Data still showing it as running rich. Made a small pitstop to ship a package and when I tried to restart it wouldn't until I held the accelerator to the floor. I also experienced a single backfire on slight decel. I borrowed a compression gauge but couldn't get a leak down tester yet. Compression was 140, 148, 149 & 150. Checked fuel flow while cranking engine, fuel came out of supply in steady stream seamed like it was good flow. Had it stalling at the end of my test drive but i believe it is fue
  2. Thanks for the response, so I have set the base timing by getting to TDC and dropping the distributor in as it rotates to the 6 o'clock location. I have also checked timing with a light. Cannot find any spec for it though. Idle timing sits around 10-12 degrees BTDC. which I feel is reasonable. When throttle input is applied the timing does advance. I will check fuel volume and manifold vacuum when I get a chance. Though another symptom popped up yesterday as I was looking at it. When I started it it ran fine for a few seconds then sputtered and choked out with smoke coming out of the int
  3. The tires are 31's. The engine is bored 20 over. Everything else is stock to my knowledge. I haven't changed gears and am assuming the previous owners haven't either. I have checked tps adjustment, fuel pressure(14 psi), WOT adjustment and ISA motor is adjusted. All of the sensors react to throttle input when looking at the scan data.
  4. Hi, I've been hunting and chasing my tail to get some kind of throttle response from my wrangler above 45 MPH. I know these are not very powerful to start but I feel like what I'm experiencing is abnormal. Anywhere above about 45MPH when throttle is given There is little or no response from the engine. I have gone through the tuning and troubleshooting, replaced numerous things and adjusted what is able to be adjusted to the best of my understanding. Most recently I put a new cylinder head on due to a cracked web between valves on cylinder 4. I was so sure this was going to solve my
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