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  1. Thanks for responding Moses, do you think it is possible the engine and trans/transfer case might be worth anything? i know this is a pretty niche market, just don't know myself, I'm more of a muscle car guy myself and never really got into the off road stuff
  2. hello to all out there, im new to this. i have found a scout on my girlfriends property, it still has the vin plate under the hood, the only problem is i was unable read it from the position i was in from the front of the vehicle. it appears to be an original scout and not a scout 2, the engine is still in it ( a 4 cylinder) looks almost a slanter type engine. im not sure if the transmission or transfercase are actually there. the sticks are still in it (three sticks). it has been sitting there for quite a while, lots of trees grown up around it with nothing through. the body is pretty much ro
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