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  1. So finally had time to smog the Jeep and it passed. One thing though, in order to get it to pass the guy , when doing the 35 mph synonym test he had to vary the rpm within the test limits. This kept the NoX low. If he used constant rpm it would have failed . This the same failure since the beginning of this saga. Lin happy he got it to pass, but still want to fix this.
  2. Quick update, I’m getting ready to take the Jeep in for smog. Doing some checks and noticed something. The egr inst functioning. Checked egr solenoid has power . No vacuum on output. Disconnect power have vacuum and EGr moves when throttle let off. Apply power to solenoid no egr function when letting off throttle. Is the ECU controlling power to solenoid . What if I bypass solenoid will that be a smog issue?
  3. Good new Jeep fired up on first try! Seems to be running much smoother. Got to button up some things but I think im in the home stretch to passing the smog test. thanksfor all the help
  4. Following the shop manual the rotor is at 6 o’clock when the timing mark is at TDC. the two marks on the cam gear and crank are aligned. Intake valve, cylinder 1 starts opening once I pass TDC. is that right? something seems off to or maybe I’m overthinking it? Could the alignment pin be in the wrong hole on the cam causing it tobe180 off? hope I’m wrong
  5. So I finally got the Jeep back together, new head, new cam, new lifters, new push rods. Now it won’t start when turning the engine over I get a pop out of the TBI at regular intervals. Thinking it’s a timing issue. The jeep shop manual is a little confusing on installing the distributor. I double and triple checked the timing marks on the timing chain.
  6. I will perform the leak test. The cylinder walls show some wear, can still see the cross-hatching. I beleive there is a ridge at the top of the cylinders but will check again. Will take some more pics also.
  7. Hi been a while since I last posted. Tried the sea foam, replaced some hoses. decided to pull the head. Pic attached there was a bit of carbon build up on the pistons and on the head by the valves. Also not sure why the one valve on the rear most cylinder is white. Even inside the head on the valve is the same. Any advise on what to do since I have the head off? Also added a couple more pic taken from the troubleshooting tool. Before I pulled the head.
  8. Just wanted to give an update on my issue. Found a couple issues that I was able to resolve. The EGR solenoid was not functioning found the ground was bad. fixed that and now it works. I also discovered, after checking my fuel pressure, that I didnt adjust it after I put a new regulator in and it was too high. I still have the issue with too high of NOX during the 25mph test, Not sure where to go now. Could it be excess carbon buildup?
  9. Hi, Just joined but have been using these forums for a while for information. SO I have an 88 YJ with the TBI. My issue all started when I went to get it smogged last year. Short story it failed 3 times for high NOX @ 35mph. By the third failure I had replaced every sensor I could replace, including the EGR. The cataliytic converter only has about 1000 miles. I do have the snap-on diagnostic tester, just looking for some direction to narrow my troubleshooting. Currently the jeep wont idle on its own and I can smell that it is running very rich and it seems to run a bit rough. Thanks!
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